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JUpload - About JUpload

JUpload is a component which can be embedded into existing websites for comfortable upload of files. It supports multiple uploads, recursive folder upload and provides a lot of features for image processing prior to the upload.

mabon: Welcome

Mabon aims to simplify AJAX-based data fetch requests for JavaServer Faces components.

Flickr Backup

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Flickr Backup - A Java Download Utility for Flickr<br /> <br /> Flickr Backup is a utility that allows you to download the pictures you have uploaded to Flickr back down to your computer for personal backup or restore.

Acelet: a J2EE tools provider for WebLogic, WebSphere and other J2EE servers

Super is a suite of J2EE tools. A toolkit for Java EE. for Weblogic, Websphere and other J2EE, Java EE servers. The standalone version is a Java scheduler, for general purpose scheduler and watchdog which does not work with any application server, does not require any application server. Files

MockExaminer is a software that you can use to prepare yourself for exams. You can also use it to create and deliver exams to other candidates. In fact the software consists of two separate programs; an exam designer and an exam deliver agent.

Nutrun ยป XhtmlValidator

XhtmlValidator is a lightweight nano-library for validating XHTML Documents in Java. Current version is 0.1

Software- XTrace

XTrace allows you to receive trace() data without having to be in the flash IDE