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Prototype JavaScript Framework: Class-style OO, Ajax, and more

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Prototype is a JavaScript framework that aims to ease development of dynamic web applications.

xajax PHP Class Library - The easiest way to develop asynchronous Ajax applications with PHP

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Ajax-enable your PHP application with a simple toolkit that gets the job done fast.<br /> Runs on any PHP 4.3.x/PHP 5.x and Apache/IIS platform.

RIALTO - Rich Internet Application Toolkit

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Rialto is a cross browser javascript widgets library. Because it is technology agnostic it can be encapsulated in JSP, JSF, .Net or PHP graphic components.<br /> Nowadays it supports pure javascript development and JSP/taglib development. A JSF integration is on the road. And we hope to start .Net and PHP integration soon.

XOAD - the PHP based AJAX/XAP object oriented framework

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XOAD is a PHP based AJAX/XAP object oriented framework that allows you to create richer web applications.

My-BIC = Easy Ajax

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My-BIC = Easy Ajax<br /> The What<br /> <br /> After tiring of over hyped ajax frameworks trying to hide the guts that make ajax programming fun I decided to share my recipe for easy to make ajax applications where you still have control over everything, but the setup of it all is handled for you. This is a basic state of mind system rather than a framework. I offer you four files and a design pattern that allows you to focus on making things happen rather than setting things up. This is designed for PHP5 but can be written for php4 if people are interested.

JSMX - The Universal Ajax API for ColdFusion, PHP, .NET, or your language of choice.

JSMX is an Ultra Lightweight - Language Agnostic - Ajax Framework. It is by far the easiest way to integrate Ajax into any Web Application. What separates JSMX from most other Ajax Frameworks is that the JSMX API runs entirely on the client and has no Server Side Components to install. Given this fact plus the fact that you can pass back JavaScript, XML, JSON, or WDDX makes JSMX a truly Universal Ajax API.

ASK - AJAX Source Kit

ASK - AJAX Source Kit<br /> <br /> The purpose of ASK is to offer you a simple way to get content into your page on-the-fly through asynchronous JavaScript and XmlHttpRequest, without sacrificing accessibility or usability.

Ajax4jsf Open Source Project for Adding AJAX to JSF Applications without JavaScript: Downloads Articles, Examples, Tutorials

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Ajax4jsf is an open source framework that adds AJAX capability to JSF applications without writing Javascript.

the zoop framework - Php development without the suck.

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Zoop is an object oriented framework for PHP that`s fast, efficient and easy on the programmer. Plus we throw in all the buzzwords you can handle. AJAX ? Check. Web Forms 2.0 functionality ? Got that too.

alphaWorks : AJAX Toolkit Framework : Overview

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AJAX Toolkit Framework (ATF) provides extensible tools for building IDEs for the many different AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) run-time environments (such as Dojo, Zimbra, etc.). This technology also contains features for developing, debugging, and testing AJAX applications. The framework provides enhanced JavaScript editing features such as edit-time syntax checking; an embedded Mozilla Web browser; an embedded DOM browser; and an embedded JavaScript debugger.

AJAX AGENT - helping WEB become the platform

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Ajax Agent is a very easy to use, yet very powerful open source framework for rapidly building AJAX or Rich Internet Applications (RIA). For the PHP version, it takes only three lines of code to invoke a remote scripting call. Remote scripting is an integral part of AJAX. Check the following code (for PHP version).

My-BIC = Easy Ajax

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My-BIC = Easy Ajax

taconite //

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Taconite is a framework that simplifies the creation of Ajax enabled Web applications. It`s a very lightweight framework that automates the tedious tasks related to Ajax development, such as the creation and management of the XMLHttpRequest object and the creation of dynamic content. Taconite can be used with all modern Web browsers (Firefox, Safari, IE, Opera, and Konqueror, to name a few) and can be used with any server-side technology including Java EE and .Net, although Taconite does have its roots in Java EE.

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