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01 January 1970 01:00

symfony - open-source PHP5 web framework

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Based on the best practices of web development, thoroughly tried on several active websites, symfony aims to speed up the creation and maintenance of web applications, and to replace the repetitive coding tasks by power, control and pleasure.

taconite //

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Taconite is a framework that simplifies the creation of Ajax enabled Web applications. It`s a very lightweight framework that automates the tedious tasks related to Ajax development, such as the creation and management of the XMLHttpRequest object and the creation of dynamic content. Taconite can be used with all modern Web browsers (Firefox, Safari, IE, Opera, and Konqueror, to name a few) and can be used with any server-side technology including Java EE and .Net, although Taconite does have its roots in Java EE.

Biscuit :: PHP MVC Framework

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Biscuit :: PHP MVC Framework

:: CVPFrameWork - A PHP5 Framework ::

CVPFrameWork is a set of classes for PHP5 developers. It`s not specifically web oriented but it`s focused on a lower lever. For example, make the script creation easier, database access, working with Sockets, mail sending, error control... and of course, it also helps with web logic development. Nowadays it`s at development status. We are using it in our projects, but we recommend not to use it for critical applications

Qcodo - PHP Development Framework

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The Qcodo Development Framework is an open-source PHP 5 framework that focuses on freeing developers from unnecessary tedious, mundane coding.

Tapioca - TapiWiki

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Tapioca is a framework for Voice over IP (VoIP) and Instant Messaging (IM). Its main goal is to provide an easy way for developing and using VoIP and IM services in any kind of application. It was designed to be cross-platform, lightweight, thread-safe, having mobile devices and applications in mind.

Backbase AJAX RSS Reader

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About the Backbase AJAX RSS reader<br /> <br /> This RSS reader is a prototype application that shows the potential of a more interactive online RSS reader.

Molins framework para PHP5

Molins framework para PHP5, no es mas que otro conjunto de clases que nos ofrece ya resueltas varias cuestiones que seguramente se encontrara al desarrollar cualquier aplicacion web de pequeño, mediano, o gran tamaño.

My-BIC = Easy Ajax

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My-BIC = Easy Ajax<br /> The What<br /> <br /> After tiring of over hyped ajax frameworks trying to hide the guts that make ajax programming fun I decided to share my recipe for easy to make ajax applications where you still have control over everything, but the setup of it all is handled for you. This is a basic state of mind system rather than a framework. I offer you four files and a design pattern that allows you to focus on making things happen rather than setting things up. This is designed for PHP5 but can be written for php4 if people are interested.

DWR - Easy AJAX for JAVA | Getahead

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DWR allows Javascript in a browser to interact with Java on a server and helps you manipulate web pages with the results.

xajax PHP Class Library - The easiest way to develop asynchronous Ajax applications with PHP

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Ajax-enable your PHP application with a simple toolkit that gets the job done fast.<br /> Runs on any PHP 4.3.x/PHP 5.x and Apache/IIS platform.

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