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Seagull Framework :: Overview

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Welcome to the Seagull Framework project, created and maintained by Demian Turner and the Seagull community. Seagull is an OO PHP framework that came about as a result of investigating PHP best practices. Its core modules are licensed under BSD and aims to achieve following design goals. Like many other SF projects, the project attempts to learn from and follow the Open Source Philosophy. Since it`s the code that sells a framework, please take a look at some code examples to see what`s on offer.

ASK - AJAX Source Kit

ASK - AJAX Source Kit<br /> <br /> The purpose of ASK is to offer you a simple way to get content into your page on-the-fly through asynchronous JavaScript and XmlHttpRequest, without sacrificing accessibility or usability.

As2lib — Welcome — Open Source ActionScript 2.0 Library

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Welcome to the home of the As2lib Framework. As the leading ActionScript 2.0 application framework, the As2lib delivers significant benefits for many projects, reducing development effort and costs while improving test coverage and quality.

Code Igniter

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Code Igniter is an Open Source Web Application Framework that makes writing kick-ass PHP programs simple as apple pie

Brad Neuberg: Coding in Paradise: Really Simple History

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The Really Simple History (RSH) framework makes it easy for AJAX applications to incorporate bookmarking and back and button support. By default, AJAX systems are not bookmarkable, nor can they recover from the user pressing the browser`s back and forward buttons. The RSH library makes it possible to handle both cases.

Scriptio - A JavaScript Presentation Framework

Scriptio is an open source framework for presenting animations and educational content in a rich online experience. Featuring an easy-to-learn scripting language for fast prototyping and production-quality development, Scriptio is designed for rich Web 2.0 applications.


AsUnit can help you build automated test fixtures for SWF applications that are built in almost any development environment, and deployed to almost any modern Flash Player. AsUnit is the primary means by which developers can truly implement Test-Driven development practices in ActionScript projects.

JSwiff Project Overview

The aim of the JSwiff project is to create an open source, pure Java framework for Macromedia Flash file creation and manipulation.

qooxdoo » Home

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qooxdoo is an advanced open-source JavaScript-based GUI framework. It helps you to implement professional AJAX-enhanced web 2.0 applications - easier than ever before.

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