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01 January 1970 01:00

CSS Design Ideas

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This page, when it`s grown up a little bit, will host a number of my ideas and thoughts on using CSS as a `design` tool. I think we have come to the stage where CSS is `fairly` well supported, and flexible enough that it can be used for most (static) page design tasks.

(WM) Webifex Magazine, Sharing Design Secrets.

(WM) Webifex Magazine is a free publication primarily for web designers that love music. Design with a musical twist!™ The goal of this magazine is to share design secrets through written web design tutorials, reviews, interviews, tips, tricks, and open source examples from some of the industry’s best designers/musicians.

Bulletproof Web Design Contracts

When you boil it down to its barest essentials, the sales process is simply a series of verbal agreements that ultimately gets documented in writing. That document ought to become your contract, proposal or whatever legally-binding agreement both you and the client sign to finalize the deal.