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01 January 1970 01:00

Debian GNU/Linux System Administration Resources

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Debian Administration<br /> System Administration Tips and Resources

Articles :: apt-build - Optimize Debian packages for your system

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apt-build<br /> Optimize Debian packages for your system

Debian MPlayer How-To

How To Install On Debian with Several Codecs

MaXeR`s Repository

Debian packages

Debian MPlayer How-To

These step by step instructions have been tested on June 25, 2005 I have tested this how-to on Etch (Testing). This howto only includes codecs for win32, Quicktime, RealPlayer, (streaming for protocols such as reaplayer), and some less comm

debianHELP :: Militantly FREE software support.

The site hopes to provide a measure of support in installing, configuring, and using the Debian GNU/Linux operating system.

Debian Brasil

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O Debian Brasil (Debian-BR) é um projeto formado por usuários, desenvolvedores, tradutores e documentadores voluntários, com o objetivo central de tornar o Projeto Debian mais próximo dos usuários de nosso país, o sistema Debian localizado para o português brasileiro.

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