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01 January 1970 01:00

The ThrashBox™

by 12 others
"Sliding Doors" Box– Rounded Corners for All

Transparent Custom Corners and Borders

by 17 others
An excellent article describing how to get rounded corners without extra markup, using JavaScript.

Spiffy Corners (round corners)

by 31 others
Spiffy Corners Anti-aliased rounded corners using pure CSS. No Images. No Javascript. No fluff.

Dragon Labs | The Octopus Engine

The Octopus Engine Download!<br /> <br /> Dragon Labs & Gilbert Hyatt proudly present… The Octopus Engine!<br /> What is it?<br /> <br /> The Octopus Engine attempts to unify techniques for rounded corners, drop shadows, custom borders and faux columns, all in one pretty package. It’s an all-in-one, one in all approach, encompassing whatever effects one needs.

Box by tedd

Simple Box by tedd Note: this is a box with rounded corners. I have reviewed the available references and found similar solutions, but none that do it this way.