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SineApps Daily Asterisk News and VoIP services

SineApps is able to provide consultation services to VoIP providers, call centres and ISPs on how best to develop and deploy mission critical systems using the most efficient means possible.

Ariaware - Ariaware RIA Platform (ARP) - Open Source Best-Practices Pattern-Based ActionScript 2 Framework for RIA Development

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The Ariaware RIA Platform (ARP™) is the only Open-Source Best-Practices Pattern-Based ActionScript 2 Framework for Macromedia® Flash® and Flex™-based Rich Internet Application (RIA) Development. - inforss: index

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infoRSS is a lightweight, non intrusive, RSS, ATOM, NNTP and HTML headlines reader for Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape and thunderbird, designed by Didier Ernotte. The extension installs a small icon (looks like an earth) in the status bar. The headlines are displayed in the beside this icon in the status bar or in a separate bar (top or bottom of the screen). The interface is very simple to use: drag and drop new url of feed onto the extension icon to add a new feed or click on the extension icon to select a specific feed to read. The feeds can be grouped to allow multi feed fetch and filter can be used to limit the number of headlines.


JavaSRC Cache: A Cache Example


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Deskzilla is an alternative Bugzilla client. It is a desktop application with interactive user interface and unique capabilities that are a valuable addition to the feature-rich web-based Bugzilla software.

Introduction - In search of the One True Layout

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Pure CSS-based layouts have come a long way but they still have shortcomings [2] that fail to address certain design goals without compromising the true separation of content and presentation.

Jim`s PHP Programming Paradise

PHP Programming, Security, Tutorials and Other Crap from a Zend Certified Engineer