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01 January 1970 01:00

CSS forms can work!

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CSS forms can work!

Cascading Style Cheatsheet

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Cascading Style Cheatsheet

artypapers - SCRIBBLE

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SCRIBBLE is a centralized categorizable list of your favorite links accessible everywhere and is available to all artypapers members.

Lektora - News in Firefox and Internet Explorer with RSS.

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Lektora is the FREE RSS feed aggregator that integrates seamlessly with Firefox and Internet Explorer to enable easy reading of news feeds within the web browser. Offering an intuitive user interface and highly polished aesthetic, Lektora simplifies subscribing to, reading and managing web site news feeds, without sacrificing performance.

Wikipedia busca - LuMriX

Wikipedia busca com LuMriX

Instant Web Mail, Index

IWM is just as the name says,<br /> a web mail client that runs straight out of the box with the minimum of configuration.<br /> This web mail client is ideal for users with little or no knowledge of PHP and who want a fast solution to accessing pop3 mailboxes via the world wide web.

pake - php5 project build system

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pake is a PHP5 project build system with capabilities similar to make


A Taste of Java`s I/O Package: Streams, Files, and So Much More

Use jEdit to Edit Your PHP

Use jEdit to Edit Your PHP

WinBinder: A native Windows binding for PHP

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WinBinder: The native Windows binding for PHP

SE|PY, the editor, the blog

SE|PY is a FREE ActionScript editor for Macromedia Flash files. If you’re currently not satisfied with the Flash IDE editor or you’re already using Scite|Flash (also a great editor!) you maybe interested in this editor

38one Denis Radenkovic`s Portfolio

by 5 others<br /> Denis Radenkovic`s portfolio<br /> Graphic, Web & Interior designer based in Witney, Oxfordshire, in the UK.

Uploading Old Email to Gmail using Java

Uploading Old Email to Gmail using Java

TXN - The Online Desktop

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We here at TXN are trying to create a Website that can act as your desktop. This is useful if you for example not always work at the same place. Using AJAX to create a website which acts a lot like your actual desktop and not like webpages is critical. Using this technique, we can provide you with everything you`ll need without you ever having to install or update some weird software.<br /> Just to prove the usefulness of AJAX; please note that Google uses this on most of their sites and that both Google Maps and GMail are fully dependant on this.

Photoshop Pen Tool, Vector Paths

Photoshop Pen Tools & Vector Paths

Framework to quickly create PHP apps from UML models. Supports Database, Navigation, GUI, Userhandling, Selection Catalogs and much more. UML model with over 60 classes included. Best to be used with UML2PHP tool.