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01 January 1970 01:00

Neato » Ultimate Tag Warrior

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Ultimate Tag Warrior (UTW) is a tagging plugin for wordpress. It allows storing a set of keywords (or as current slang dictates, tags) against posts that behave like categories - the tags can be displayed on a post, you can go to the archive page for a tag, and there are RSS/atom feeds available. Unlike categories, you can also view archive pages and feeds for sets of tags such as the posts which are tagged with both “photograph” and “food”, for example.

Red Alt - WordPress Index Builder

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This tool will help you create a content page for WordPress 1.3. This page can be used as the default page for your site (index.php) or for a supplemental page that displays different content.

BloxPress - a modular ajax wordpress theme

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BloxPress ain’t just yet another theme. It adds functions to themes! Here is a screenshot of the first BloxPress powered Theme.

No One’s Listening

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Kiwi is a theme and plugin suite developed to deliver a different kind of layout with a simple management interface.

WP Tiger Administration // Ordered List by Steve Smith

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The current default WordPress administration area is functional, but I felt it could be improved. For several reasons, I didn’t want to touch the XHTML framework of the admin, but instead relied on the power of CSS2 to manipulate the presentation. The whole package has been wrapped up into a single plugin. Just install and activate. The new design will be immediately visible.

Wordpress host - free blog

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A free web hosting site for blogs


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I made this plugin to simplefy the process of inserting flash video files (FLV) inside a Wordpress post or page. The plugin is build around Jeroen Wijerings excellent Flash Video Player and in order to use this plugin you have to download his player here.