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design:related profile - Brian Jackson

Exceptional graphic design including work with Mark Ryden.

Kelly Mooney's blog about the online shopping experience from the customer's point of view --

Fanatically curious and acutely observant, Kelly Mooney has spent her entire career studying, creating, and advocating for the optimal customer experience by keeping herself firmly planted in the customer's shoes.


Most Inspired

Most Inspired aggregates designs from all the popular css and design galleries.

Best Web Gallery - CSS & Flash Design Inspiration

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A list of cool web sites to inspire all web designers.

One Pixel Army: Web Design Inspiration

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A list of cool web sites to inspire all web designers, plus a useful catalog of other web-design inspiration sites.


group94 / webdesign from belgium

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Nice site designs. A few nice photography sites under their belt as well!

Design Melt Down

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Design elements, trends example sites based on a variety of catagories.

Corzo Website

Nicely executed website for a Tequila

wooloo Home

Create online exhibitions and art projects...

Color Blender

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Color Blender tool that allows you to pick two colors and then choose the number of steps to blend between them, giving you HEX/RGB/RGB%