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02 June 2006

Creating MozSearch plugins - MDC

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Firefox 2 supports MozSearch, a simplified form of Amazon A9's OpenSearch format for creating search plugins. OpenSearch plugins are also supported; see the OpenSearch site for details. A MozSearch search plugin is an XML file that describes the search engine, its URL, and the parameters that need to be passed to that URL.

The data: URI kitchen

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Permet d'encoder les images pour les insérer dans un plugin de recherche au format "OpenSearch" et d'autres encodages.

31 May 2006

Concours de T-shirts AlsacréationS

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AlsacréationS lance un nouveau concours de création de T-Shirt ("logo") dans le but de soutenir Mozilla-Europe.

08 May 2006

20 April 2006

Forum de Geckozone

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Forum d'entraide sur les logiciels basés sur Gecko (Firefox, Thunderbird, Nvu, Seamonkey, Mozilla,...

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