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18 May 2008 11:00

South Carolina Direct TV Deals

To get the absolute maximum from your programming subscription, you'll want to consider upgrading to a Directv DVR (Digital Video Recorder) receiver. Directv receivers with DVRs are superior to other receivers because they give you more flexibility while watching programming. Without a DVR you are stuck with guessing what happened while you were interrupted or with waiting for a rerun to catch a program you weren't home for.

18 May 2008 10:15

North Carolina Direct TV Deals

Directv NC also offers plenty of additional programming options. One of the most exciting is the optional High Definition Television (HDTV) programming package. HDTV is a new type of television format that offers high resolution, great Dolby Digital sound, and a wide screen viewing area. With Direct TV's HDTV programming package, you can access channels like ESPN, Universal, HDNet Movies, and all you local channels.

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