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17 July 2006 15:00

PRWeb Tags it Up

In addition to facilitating the development of a tag space unique to the public relations community, PRWeb is making it easier for users to generate tags for Technorati.

SEO Wizard Revealed at PRWeb

This tool is a useful guide for suggesting keyword phrases specific to the characteristics of a press release. It will not automatically optimize a release for you - and shouldn’t. It does however offer a very convenient set of options for optimizing pr

BtoC Search Marketing Tactics

Pay per click; Site optimization; Optimized press releases; Blog marketing; Paid inclusion and shopping feeds; Cross promotion and integration; Email promotions (Augmented with RSS feed); Affiliate programs

17 July 2006 02:00

PR Newswire Testing SEO Press Releases

Apparently it is to be a 5 day listing on the home page of PR Newswire. There are 10 releases to start and they are being auctioned off over at eBay.

Increasing Your Online Presence with Digital PR

Optimizing a news release is similar to optimizing a website: 1) write a release with specific, relevant keywords; 2) include a URL in the release that either links to your company's homepage – or even better – the page within your site that is design

17 July 2006 01:00