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18 July 2006 17:00

Reinventing the Pitch Letter with Delicious

Using' network feature, Ozgur has developed a hack to send messages people you want to connect with, even if you don't know their email address. Basically, you find the ID of the person or people you want to send message to, you ad

18 July 2006 16:00

18 July 2006 15:00

18 July 2006 02:00

How to Reach American Millionaires

The most effective way to reach wealthy consumers online is through search engine results-- including paid placements. In fact, search results are the only online marketing method viewed as more effective than ineffective by wealthy consumers themselves.

17 July 2006 17:00



17 July 2006 03:00

How to evangelize word of mouth marketing internally

1. Identify mavens, connectors and sales people; 2. Give them a home;3. Offer relevant and desirable information; 4. Evangelize like crazy; 5. Dive in and participate

Google AdWords Help Center: How do I select sites by category?

This week, we released category site selection for the site tool. This allows you to browse sites by category, making it easier for you to find and include sites that are relevant to your products or services.