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05 January 1989 10:30

7 Easy Steps to a Pimped Out Money Making Wordpress

Key WP Plugins - Bsuite, Google Sitemaps, Sociable, WP-Extreme-Video, WP-Cron, WP-DB-BackUp, Simple Tags, Adsense Deluxe

Free Search Engine Optimization Software for forums - SEO Filter Lite

SEO Filter is a Search Engine Optimization Software. It aims to optimize the content from your forum software such as phpBB or punBB. Making the content much more SEO friendly. ...

Dragon's Cave

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20 Things the average person doesn't know about XP ...

WordPress Plugins Feature: July | blogHelper

Feeds with Comment Form, PayPal member, List Peer Pages, Star Ratings vor Reviews, Redirection, Supercategories,

Top 9 Wordpress Plugins at Blogging Blog

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9 essential WP-Plugins: Akismet, Bunny's Technorati Tags, Optimal Title, Ultimate Google Analytics, WP-Cache, WP DB-Backup, WP-Cron, Spot Milk, WP-Reports

Constructing the Digital Universe » Blog Archive » The New Politics of Knowledge

Since my own essay critical of Wikipedia’s “anti-elitism”, and intensifying after Jaron Lanier’s more recent essay touting Wikipedia as the prime example of “online collectivism,” the amazingly huge, wide-open encyclopedia project has becom...

Why I Quit Wikipedia « Archive « Musings of a Chicagoan

... a kind of quantum encyclopedia, where genuine data both exists and doesn’t exist depending on the precise moment I rely upon your discordant fucking mob for my information...

HOW TO: WordPress Featured Articles -

Want to drive some traffic to your great articles that have already aged off your homepage? No worries, now you can feature articles with The Feature WordPress plugin from No One’s Listening. This plugin lets you specify articles you wish to feature ...

Smashing Magazine | a magazine for web-designers » About

Founded in August 2006, Smashing Magazine delivers useful and innovative information for web-designers and web-developers. Our aim is to inform our readers about the latest trends and techniques in web-development - clearly, precisely and regularly... » Happy Pals

A plugin for WordPress to help denote relationships within links. If you link to anyone, or anything, from within your posts - you may want to denote the relationship you have with that link. Most people would do this by using XFN attributes such as th...

Micro Persuasion: How to Check for Wikipedia Articles That Link to You

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Wikipedia has quietly rolled out a special page that lets you unearth all of the pages that link to a particilar Web site or page. It even covers discussion and other miscellaneous pages that are embedded deep inside the site...

How To Create Your Own Wikipedia Page

Most savvy SEOs know that Google is placing an increased weight on links from “authority” websites. Wikipedia, a free internet encyclopedia that can be edited by any user, is certainly one of the top authority websites in the eyes of Google and I´...

Modern Dragons: Citizendium

How good is Wikipedia's content? How good is Wikipedia's community? What does Wikipedia's future look like?

10 Best Wordpress Plugins for Google Adsense

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10 best Adsense plugins which help you work smarter with wordpress and adsense ...

Aktivierung oder Deaktivierung der Systemwiederherstellung in Windows XP

Aktivierung oder Deaktivierung der Systemwiederherstellung in Windows XP ... vor dem neu aufsetzen von Windows deaktivieren, da sich auch Viren und Trojaner dadurch immer wieder neu installieren ...

batBack FAQ

A blog toolkit is a toolbox for your blog. You can put some tools in there you think are useful, and people visiting can also put some tools in there. Anybody that has a web browser can use the toolbox when they visit your blog...

7 Usability Wordpress Plugins » : Design Optimization Usability

a few usability plugins that make it easier for visitors to interact with your site ...