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Red Asian Arowana

The Asian Arowana – Scleropages Formosus, also known as the Asian Dragonfish, like all arowanas is a freshwater scaled fish. The availability of Asian Arowanas for sale varies from country to country, as will Asian Arowana prices.


Book - 150 Projects to Strengthen Your Photography Skills

Barron’s Aspire Series offer students of photography self-teaching tutorials in the form of progressively more challenging projects for them to complete.


Android now outselling iPhone

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Smartphones carrying Google's Android operating system outsold the iPhone in the first quarter of 2010, according to new research out today from NPD.


Desperate Housewives - Queens and their servants

Orsen was a bit of a bonehead in the past what with running over Mike and all…but I really think Brie treats him like crap. He seems to go out of his way to please her and he tolerates her pompous, holier than thou behaviour.

Gaming Laptops?

Nvidia is naming this triple-card solution as "Hybrid SLI" and it basically offers laptop owners the option of discrete graphics with two connected Nvidia GeForce 9800M GTS cards for powerful gaming and then integrated graphics with the GeForce 9400M for lower-power usage like Windows operations.


Big Air Car Jump Game and On-line Games

This past week I’ve released a beta/demo version of Big Air - an on-line 3D car jumping game. It’s using the Unity 3D Web Player, which if the world co-operates should start taking a firm hold on the on-line 3D market and serve as some serious competition for Adobe’s Shockwave.


Word on the street about alien wear computers

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I know Alienwear computer seem to cater to the gamers but are these machine good photo machines also. Some things appear to be overkill but they seem like good machine.

Leonard Nimoy’s Nude Photography

I remember a while back seeing on television that Leonard Nimoy (and yes I mean Spock) was a fine art nude photographer. At first I thought, sure, just another celebrity trying to capitalize on success in another field and get an unfair advantage while the rest of us slug it out the hard way. But I had to admit that his work had merit.

A Well Designed Photographer’s Site

Why do so many photographers take so many liberties and break so many net taboos the rest of the web community considers polite?

Digital Cross Processing

Photoshop technique for creating authentic looking cross processed image effects.