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Twitter Bans Automated Bulk Following

Twitter has banned the widespread practice of auto following other Twitter users, as well as bulk following Twitter users. If you’re following users in an automated fashion in any way, you had better stop it right now. Or risk losing your Twitter account.


How to Use Twitter for Customer Service

There is now a great new tool for customer service that would probably not expect: it is called Twitter. Not only is Twitter a great social networking web site, Twitter is a great tool. And, more importantly, a time saver. On the Standing Dog Blog, we have a great blog post by Paul Griffith about how use Twitter as a customer service tool for your


How to Track Santa Claus this year using Twitter and Faceboo

Do you want learn how to track Santa Claus this year online or by phone? Well, here is your chance. tw telecom voice communications services at NORAD lets you track Santa Claus via Twitter and Facebook, as well as some other online services.

Republican GOP Candidates Winning Social Media

Republican individuals for your U.S. Senate have amassed greater than 4 occasions as several Facebook Fans as their Democratic counterparts, and more than 5 occasions as many Twitter Fans, based on an analysis by HeadCount, a nonpartisan voter registration organization.

Are Real Time Results Showing for Your Brand?

Last month, there was a pretty important change in Google which allows them to provide in-depth, real time search. That is, Google launched the inclusion of Twitter results (and others) into the SERPS (search engine results pages). Yahoo has also announced that they are doing the same.


How to Follow Trends on Twitter

There are several different resources available to follow and watch the trends on Twitter. Here is how to follow your niche on Twitter.

5 Steps to Going Viral on Twitter

So, how does ReTweeting happen, anyway? Well, here are the 5 factors you need to take into account when trying to get your content to spread virally on Twitter.

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