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World s highest hotel opens in Hong Kong

The world's highest hotel opened its doors in Hong Kong on Tuesday, housed in the city's tallest skyscraper and offering unrivalled panoramic views of the world famous Victoria Harbour.

I-95 cameras snap speeders, spark controversy - Yahoo! News

As Interstate 95 sweeps past this small town along South Carolina s coastal plain, motorists encounter cameras that catch speeding cars, the only such devices on the open interstate for almost 2,000 miles from Canada to Miami.


Yahoo Acquires

The whois record for was last updated a few weeks ago and Yahoo now owns the domain. of course is one of Yahoos prime properties and the 31st most visited site on the net according to Alexa.

Yahoo Shutting Down Yahoo Publisher Network

Yahoo! has decided to close the Yahoo! Publisher Network. For those of you who are not familiar with the Yahoo! Publisher Network, it is a contextual advertising network that relies on ads from the Yahoo! Search Marketing program.

Facebook Pushes Yahoo! Into Third Place

Two years ago, search engine site Google Inc. (GOOG) eclipsed rival Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) as the No. 1 Web destination in the United States. Now, a six-year-old social networking site upended those statistics and raised the question: Is Google’s position in danger?

Yahoo Outsourcing to Yahoo Shopping to PriceGrabber

I would start making plans to make sure that your are integrated with PriceGrabber or at least have taken the necessary steps to start getting your products on PriceGrabber.

Are Real Time Results Showing for Your Brand?

Last month, there was a pretty important change in Google which allows them to provide in-depth, real time search. That is, Google launched the inclusion of Twitter results (and others) into the SERPS (search engine results pages). Yahoo has also announced that they are doing the same.

Yahoo Shopping to Outsource to PriceGrabber

In what I would call a surprise move, Yahoo! is discontinuing the Yahoo! Shopping and outsourcing it to PriceGrabber. So, if you are currently using the Yahoo! Shopping API, I would start making plans to make sure that you are integrated with PriceGrabber or at least have taken the necessary steps to start getting your products on PriceGrabber.


Search Engine Optimization Tip 33: Discover Links

When searching for links to a web site, it is important to go to Yahoo and search there. Google, on purpose, does not show you all the links that they know about to a web site.

Yahoo Thinks a Cell Phone is a Mobile Home

This is exactly why I do not use Yahoo Search anymore. A search for mobile home on Yahoo brings you T Mobile, not Palm Harbor Homes.

Yahoo adds Search Pad feature

Called Search Pad, the feature is supposed to solve a problem that many researchers on the Web have -- how to keep track of those bits of information they dig up from multiple websites


Carl Icahn Issues Letter to Yahoo! Shareholders; Microsoft Responds

Carl Icahn has issued a public statement today, an open letter to Yahoo! shareholders. In response, Microsoft issued a statement, as well.

Yahoo! Publisher Network Gives Room to AdSense

Yahoo! has closed a ten-year deal that would give it the option to serve and display Google AdSense search and contextual advertising on its search results.

Microsoft ups offer for Yahoo by several dollars

Microsoft reportedly dangled a higher takeover bid in front of Yahoo, hoping to reach a friendly deal.

The Oracle at Yahoo: Using Yahoo News to Search the Future

Imagine exploring millions and millions of news pages and other documents to find information about events that are scheduled to happen in the future, to help predict the future.

Microsoft Bids for Yahoo! Wrapup

By now you have probably heard the news that Microsoft has made a bid for Yahoo!. Since so many people are covering it I thought it would be best to do a end of day wrapup about the proposed Microsoft Yahoo! news.

What Will Microsoft Yahoo Merger Mean for Online Marketing?

Microsoft may be acquiring Yahoo very soon. How will this effect online marketing? Especially if Yahoo Search totally replaces MS Live Search.

Dr. Phil cancels his Britney Spears show - Yahoo! News

Television s quot;Dr. Phil quot; McGraw has pulled the plug on plans for a one-hour show that was to examine Britney Spears latest public meltdown. In a statement posted Monday on his Web site, McGraw said the 26-year-old pop star s situation was quot;too intense quot; for him to go forward with the show. He didn t say whether he planned to reschedule.

Naps May Boost Memory - Yahoo! News

New research conducted by brain researcher Avi Karni of the University of Haifa in Israel explores the possibility that naps help lock in sometimes fleeting long-term memories. A 90-minute daytime snooze might help the most, the study finds.


Yahoo Stores Down on Cyber Monday

According to reports, many Yahoo! store merchants were going strong with their “cyber Monday” sales and suddenly the Yahoo! Stores have gone down. Some merchants report that they have lost more than 4 hours’ worth of online sales.

Social Networking Sites May Foster Same Old Divisions - Yahoo! News

The social networking site of choice is related to a student s race, ethnicity and parents education, a new survey indicates.

Rare red diamond sells for world-record $2.6 million - Yahoo! News

A rare purplish-red diamond ring has sold for 2.97 million Swiss francs ($2.6 million), setting a world record for a red diamond, Christie s said.

Chevy Hybrid SUV wins quot;Green Car of Year quot; - Yahoo! News

An eight-passenger sport utility vehicle, the Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid from General Motors Corp, won the quot;Green Car of the Year quot; award at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Thursday.

Comcast sued over Web interference - Yahoo! News

A San Francisco Bay area subscriber to Comcast Corp. s high-speed Internet service has sued the company, alleging it engages in unfair business practices by interfering with subscribers file sharing

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