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The Secret to an Effective Website Redesign

You should not build a house without a blueprint for the same reason you should not try to redesign a website without a clear vision: It will crumble.

How To: Remove Paid Links Without Hurting Rankings

When it comes to search engine rankings, we all know that one of the major search engine ranking factors is how many links you have to your website. Especially text links that include the keywords your trying to rank for in the anchor text. So, if you want to rank well for “red widgets”, then having lots of links with “red widgets” in the a

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Dog Walker

One of the most basic but important responsibilities of owning a dog is making sure it gets enough exercise, including time outdoors. For dog owners who work during the day, it can be a challenge to provide the amount of walking time that dogs need. Being walked, with or without a leash, provides a dog with both exercise and the discipline to respe


bertie at the blackman : Lesson 1: The Line : The Blackman H

Bertie teaches viewers how to draw a straight line without a ruler. Not much else to be said really. The Blackman Hotel, on St. Kilda Road in Melbourne Australia, offers luxurious studio suites featuring dreamy Art Series beds, complete kitchenettes and stylish designer furnishings.


SEO: Recovering Lost Traffic and Links

Here is how to recover lost traffic, and links, to your website without having to pay anything. In fact, this will only really cost you some time to look for the lost traffic and links.

AMA Handbook of Public Relations Published

If you are a Public Relations Specialist, how can you exploit what is new and exciting on the technology front without overlooking traditional media that still matter?

How to Insulate Yourself Against High Energy Bills

In this day and age, we are all searching for ways to save money and protect the environment without sacrificing quality of life. Like many friends and neighbors, we have all made a conscience effort to replace incandescent bulbs, lower our thermostats and draw the blinds. Every little bit helps. But what could help even more is making sure that yo


What If Your Paid Search Manager Goes Missing?

If your paid search manager suddenly fell off the face of the Earth could you pick up where they left off easily without having to contact anyone for logins? Here is what do do if your paid search manager is missing in action.

Affordably Tone Your Abs without a Lot of Money

Want killer abs? Here are the best ab machines to get great abs without spending a lot of money.

County Cremations Are Saving Taxpayers

In Minnesota, for example, counties spend millions of dollars every year to bury those who die without family or money to take care of funeral arrangements.

Green Cemetery Nixed After Neighbors See Red

Green cemeteries may be the way of the future, but at least one Georgia community isn’t jumping on the bandwagon. Macon-Bibb County commissioners recently turned thumbs down on a proposal to develop a “natural” cemetery – i.e., one without embalming, coffins or vaults.


8 Nutritional Supplements You Cannot Live Without

Here are eight nutritional supplements that you just cannot live without.

Enjoy The Holidays Without Gaining A Pound

Every year around this time, the forces of nature collaborate and conspire to add as many pounds as possible to our bodies before we know what’s happened. Here is how to survive the holidays without gaining a pound.

Google Automatic Match - Measuring the Cost of Skipping Keyw

Automatic Match is Googles new feature that allows AdWords managers to receive clicks in their PPC campaigns without the need to select specific keywords.

Hosts to Provide Google Webmaster Tools Access

The Google Webmaster Tools Access Provider program features APIs to enable web hosts to offer their subscribers access to Webmaster Tools. Subscribers will be able to create Webmaster Tools accounts and submit sitemaps without leaving hosts’ control panels.

How to Keep Your Blog and Your Job

Of course, it is up to your employer to lay down the law, but even without their guidance, you should keep in mind a few very rudimentary tips if you want to keep your job and your blog.

Two Tips for Avoiding Social Media Burnout

How can you continue to use social media tools without suffering social media burnout? Here are a two tips that will change the way you use social media networks.

Allow crossover but not too much

Targeting all those little pockets of people does drive highly targeted traffic to sites, so why should not everyone get in on it? Perhaps without realizing it, many bloggers have already done so.

Making your blog smart from the start

There are about as many tips for blogging as there are blogs themselves, but you can easily lay the foundation for your corner of the blogosphere without spending a dime on consultants or keywords.

Four Tips for Keeping Cool and Warm

Everyone wants to be comfortable in their own home without the need to add or shed layers of clothing. But, there are additional options other than just adjusting the thermostat.

The Golden Globes that Weren t

We Americans are a resilient people. Last night s Golden Globes had no red carpet, no pedantic quot;thank my agent quot; speeches and no poorly-informed stars making half-assed political appeals in $3000 evening wear. And we made it through without riots, military coups or even a single death.

Federal Drug Trafficking Charges - Broden and Mickelsen – Criminal Defense Attorneys in Dallas Texas

The penalties facing persons charged with drug offenses in federal court are mind boggling. For example, time and time again we have seen young people, without any criminal record, facing a minimum of ten years in federal prison based upon drug charges. This is a minimum sentence and, many times, the reality is that they are facing much harsher sentences in the range of thirty years to life. Also, unlike state prison, persons serving time in federal prison must serve eighty-five percent of their sentence.

Top 50 Search and Social Media Happenings for 2007 » 10e20 - Search, Design amp; Social

It's the end of the year and we here at 10e20 have a tradition of sharing our top stories in search and social media. This year is no exception. Without further ado, here are the top 50 stories in search.


Lane Hartwell Richter Scales and Reputation Management

There’s a big debate in the blogosphere right now involving a parody video from Richter Scales and photographer Lane Hartwell. A photograph Lane took was used without her permission, she was not credited and not compensated. Richter Scales feels this falls under the fair usage act. I’m not going to take sides in the copyright issue, however what I do want to look at is the reputation management angle.

10 Tips to Save on Your Electric Bill This Holiday

There are a lot of things you can do to save a little money on your electric bill this holiday season. Even while researching this article, I found that there are things that me and my family are not doing (yet) that we could do to save electricity. So, without further delay, here are the top 10 things you can do to save money on your electric bill this holiday season.