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May 2013

Pros and Cons of Leasing a Car

Much has been written over the years about leasing a car as a viable alternative to purchasing it outright. That it’s a very useful option, there can be no doubt, but like the purchase of absolutely anything nowadays, comes with its own unique ‘pros’ and ‘cons’.

How the 2nd Annual Domain Boardroom Funfest Wound Up Getting

DomainBoardroom s 2nd annual DBR Funfest wrapped up a four-day run in Dana Point, California Monday (May 6) that had guests raving about another great get together with fellow members from the popular private forum.

March 2013

5 Common Driving Distractions that Could Cause an Accident

We all lead busy lives and when we get in the car, things don’t just automatically turn off. Our busy lives keep on rolling as we move down the road so it’s common for many people to continue to multitask behind the wheel. The problem with this is that when you’re driving, you are operating a large vehicle that has the capacity to seriously i

Best Western Premier Petion-Ville, Haiti Opens

Dallas-based Aimbridge Hospitality and Haiti-based corporation Carabimmo SA in partnership with U.S.-based Best Western International, are pleased to announce the opening today of the luxury Best Western Premier Petion-Ville, Haiti (

January 2013

How to Set Up Google Authorship On Your Blog

Google Authorship is becoming more and more important. Properly setup blog posts will show up in Google results with the author’s picture next to the meta description.

October 2012

How Dating is Just Like Search Engine Marketing

Follow these best practices in both dating and search engine marketing, and soon you ll be spending your time with Mr or Mrs Right!

September 2012

MSN AdCenter is now Bing Ads

If you ve ever tried PPC marketing campaign management with Microsoft adCenter, you might have been disappointed; fortunately, Bing Ads is a major improvement.

August 2012

Houston Hotel Packages Luxury with Savings as Part of Weeken

At the Renaissance Houston Greenway Plaza Hotel, $100 bonus bucks can be used for a future Marriott stay.

Scottsdale Resort and Spa Offers Ultimate Relaxation Package

At JW Marriott Camelback Inn Scottsdale Resort amp; Spa, one-hour Swedish massage among perks available with every room night booked

Is it Worth Advertising on Facebook?

With 83 million fake accounts operating on Facebook, many people are wondering if it s still a good idea to advertise on Facebook. The short answer: yes.

Facekini craze hits China beach as swimmers try to avoid a t

In the West, getting a tan is one of the main reasons for going to the beach. But in China, some are going to extraordinary lengths to avoid getting a bit of sun with a new item of beachwear – dubbed the Facekini – causing something of a stir in the coastal tourist city of Qingdao, Shandong Province.

July 2012

Hotel in Torrance California Connects Guests with Beach

At one of the best hotels in Torrance, guests can learn how Californians experience leisure.

FedEx (NYSE: FDX) and Verizon (NYSE: VZ) Get An quot;F quot

FedEx is running a new campaign with big displays in their formerly Kinko s shops with the tagline quot;EarthSmart quot; as the program name.

June 2012

A Social Media Game-Changer? Facebook Quietly Launches Promo

Two weeks to the date after their initial public offering on Wall Street, Facebook countered their sliding share value with the announcement of a new ‘Promoted Posts’ option for status updates on business users’ pages.

Google Plus Local Is Replacing Google Places

The days of Google Places are a thing of the past with the recent announcement of Google Local. The new service will integrate Places listings with Zagat s Reviews and Google s social layer.

May 2012

The Battle of Social Search Engines: The New Bing vs. Google

Bing is set to release a heavily social integrated version of their search engine in the near future that might just give Google a run for its money. The New Bing will introduce a three-column design with new information architecture that will help users interact with their social networks.

April 2012

How to Find Buyers for Your Domain Name

For those who like to do affiliate marketing, buying domains is a familiar subject. You never know what set of keywords will be the next big thing, so you buy several domains with several different combinations of keywords. Many affiliate marketers buy tons, and tons of these types of domains, and work to get those domains ranked in the search engi

Increase Conversions with a Mobile-friendly Website

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), more consumers in the United States will access the Internet on mobile devices than computers by 2015.

March 2012

How to Track Performance in Google Analytics

PPC managers struggle with the inability to track individual sitelink performance in AdWords. Standing Dog solves the problem with Google Analytics.

February 2012

How To: Remove Paid Links Without Hurting Rankings

When it comes to search engine rankings, we all know that one of the major search engine ranking factors is how many links you have to your website. Especially text links that include the keywords your trying to rank for in the anchor text. So, if you want to rank well for “red widgets”, then having lots of links with “red widgets” in the a

Google to Retire Hosted Domains Product within AdSense

Google has decided to retire the “hosted domains” product that they have through the Google AdSense program. According to an email directly from the Google AdSense team, they have evaluated the benefits of their partner network and decided to retire the Hosted Domains program with Google AdSense.

Free Mobile Broadband Service Coming in Second Half of 2012

There is a new free mobile broadband service coming in the 2nd half of 2012. FreedomPop, backed by Skype’s co-founder Niklas Zennstrom, has formed a partnership with Clearwire to provide an innovative and disruptive 4G mobile broadband service in the United States.

January 2012

The Frager Factor: Seller Schilling, Meet Buyer Whiteley: Ta

“I hadn’t dealt with Frank before and didn’t know who I was dealing with. The prices were high – but they are good domain names and I should get good returns by using them. I think the fascinating thing at the moment is that there still isn’t really a fixed way of valuing a domain yet.”

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Dog Walker

One of the most basic but important responsibilities of owning a dog is making sure it gets enough exercise, including time outdoors. For dog owners who work during the day, it can be a challenge to provide the amount of walking time that dogs need. Being walked, with or without a leash, provides a dog with both exercise and the discipline to respe

What is a destination wedding?

A destination wedding combines the excitement of travel with the romance of a wedding. Generally, a destination wedding lasts for a few days and takes place away from your hometown. While these weddings may involve more planning, many people find them more memorable, particularly when held in an exciting location like New Orleans. The bride and groom also enjoy the added benefit of a honeymoon that begins as soon as the ceremony ends!

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