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Google to Start Showing Your Company Logo Soon in Search Results

Companies and brands who have verified their publisher status (similar to Google Authorship) will start to see their company logo or brand logo show up in the Google Search Results.

How to Set Up Google Authorship On Your Blog

Google Authorship is becoming more and more important. Properly setup blog posts will show up in Google results with the author’s picture next to the meta description.


Luxury Houston Galleria Hotel Announces New Deal for Morning

The JW Marriott Houston Hotel near Minute Maid Park is offering a new breakfast deal that will turn everyone into early risers.

Microsoft Registers Outlook Domain Names: A Lesson In Protec

Microsoft recently launched as a new online email service, to rival Google’s Gmail. will be replaced by On the same day that Microsoft rebooted, they registered a whole slew of similar domain names–in a move that looks like it’s mainly to protect the Outlook brand.

How to Diversify the Anchor Text of Links to Your Web Site

Some of the latest Google algorithm changes involves the diversity of anchor text links that point to a web site or one particular web page. If you have too much of one keyword phrase in the anchor text, which tends to be around 60 percent or higher, there will be issues.

The Secret to an Effective Website Redesign

You should not build a house without a blueprint for the same reason you should not try to redesign a website without a clear vision: It will crumble.

Top Five Lawn Ornaments for Father’s Day

Fathers Day is here and the time has come to choose a lovely gift that will show your Dad how much you love him. Listed below are the most popular Fathers Day gifts for 2012. Here are the top five lawn ornaments for Father’s Day.

Google Plus Local Is Replacing Google Places

The days of Google Places are a thing of the past with the recent announcement of Google Local. The new service will integrate Places listings with Zagat s Reviews and Google s social layer.

The Battle of Social Search Engines: The New Bing vs. Google

Bing is set to release a heavily social integrated version of their search engine in the near future that might just give Google a run for its money. The New Bing will introduce a three-column design with new information architecture that will help users interact with their social networks.

How to Find Buyers for Your Domain Name

For those who like to do affiliate marketing, buying domains is a familiar subject. You never know what set of keywords will be the next big thing, so you buy several domains with several different combinations of keywords. Many affiliate marketers buy tons, and tons of these types of domains, and work to get those domains ranked in the search engi

Increase Conversions with a Mobile-friendly Website

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), more consumers in the United States will access the Internet on mobile devices than computers by 2015.


Four Tips to Turn Your Brand Advocates into Super Fans

If you re into social media marketing, you realize that it is extremely essential to turn your brand advocates, your brand s ambassadors, into fans. But not just ought to you turn your brand s fans into normal fans, you have the opportunity to convert them into superfans. Those that will really vouch for your brand, and be what we call a super fan

Spring 2012 Bridal Collections: Oscar de la Renta

We know our brides will love, love, love these couture bridal gowns from Oscar de la Renta’s 2012 Spring Collection. This is just a sample of the gorgeous photographs that they sent to us. (Look for two more posts in the next few weeks featuring the remaining collection).

bertie at the blackman : Robot Boy : The Blackman Hotel : Me

Ut oh. The plague continues... while still unwell and still beneath the sheets, Bertie reaches for the will to perform poetry of dark humor to onlookers. Doctor! The Blackman Hotel, on St. Kilda Road in Melbourne Australia, offers luxurious studio suites featuring dreamy Art Series beds, complete kitchenettes and stylish designer furnishings.

Google Places Listings in Search Results

If you search at Google for a keyword phrase that includes a city name, most likely Google will show Google Places listings as part of the Google search results. But optimizing for this has become increasingly difficult, since what Google shows and when they show it is so inconsistent. Here is how Google Places is different than the Google web resu Coliseum New Home of Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders and the Oakland A s now have a new stadium name, called Stadium. The Oakland-Alameda Coliseum Authority announced a deal to rename the home stadium of the Raiders and A’s as Coliseum. The agreement with the to name the stadium Stadium will run for six years at a cost of $7.

Lindsay Lohan Is Changing Her Name, Her Mom Says

Lindsay Lohans mother told AOL s Popeater that her daughter will be dropping her last name and, going forward, will just use quot;Lindsay. quot;

Elizabeth Messina Wedding Photography – Take Time amp; Enjo

Elizabeth Messina s blog, Kiss the Groom will immediately capture your eye with its portfoilio of unique wedding photography and before you know it, you ve spent 30 an hour just devouring post after post.

Wedding Themes and the Power of Yellow

Yellow is being used more and more at weddings. Not only are there so many shades of yellow, but it is a color with so much personality! A color that will mesh with a soft, elegant wedding or a bold, electric yellow for an over the top celebration.

Kenny G is Riot Suppressor for Super Bowl XLV

Audi these days announced that Grammy-winning saxophonist Kenny G will produce a humorous look in the brand s 60-second spot during Super Bowl XLV. The advert, set to air within the initial break following kick-off on February six, 2011, will feature an adventurous prison escape scene that culminates having a comical cameo by Kenny G because the lu

Search Engine Optimization Firms Sending Email Spam

It is unfortunate that search engine optimization firms like Rankpay have to resort to sending unsolicited commercial email (aka spam) to try to drum up business. realize that if you send out 1 million emails telling unsuspecting businesses that they can rank better in the search engines you will most likely get some responses from unsuspect

2010 is Closing is being shut down. Well, technically speaking, Dex One is realigning its interactive operations and will fully integrate into Dex One.

Google’s Updated Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide SEO Tips

Now, we have a new version of the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. As my buddy Barry factors out, one of many better takeaways from this new model will be the up to date Googlebot. The best a part of the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Manual is really the 3 main takeaways from this Seo Manual. Lots of the info on this

Newport Beach California Marriott Bayview Hotel Tempts Taste of Newport Fans

For 22 many years, the Flavor of Newport festival has invited nearby restaurants to serve up delicious foods, drinks and enjoyable. Newport Beach is proud to announce that this year’s festival will return September 17-19 to the ever-popular Newport retail mecca known as Style Island. The festival grounds are situated only a short 10-minute drive fr

How to Transition from PPC to Organic Search

If you are spending too much money for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, then you likely have considered moving away from PPC and towards organic search results. After all, if you rank well in the organic, or natural, search results, you can spend a lot less money on PPC.

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