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Google to Pay $22.5 Million to Settle FTC Privacy Charges

Google has agreed to pay a $22.5 million dollar civil penalty to settle FTC (Federal Trade Commission) charges that Google misrepresented themselves when it came to the privacy of Apple users. Google told users of Apple’s Safari web browser that Google would not place tracking cookies or serve targeted ads to those users. That violated an earlier p

How to Diversify the Anchor Text of Links to Your Web Site

Some of the latest Google algorithm changes involves the diversity of anchor text links that point to a web site or one particular web page. If you have too much of one keyword phrase in the anchor text, which tends to be around 60 percent or higher, there will be issues.


Duplicate Content: Google Not Following Own Best Practices

Google is not following their own webmaster guidelines on their own web site. We all have issues with our web sites at one time or another. When we optimize our web sites we try to make sure that we follow the industry’s best practices. But that doesn’t always happen, even if you are Google. I have uncovered a few instances where Google is not foll

Google Places Listings in Search Results

If you search at Google for a keyword phrase that includes a city name, most likely Google will show Google Places listings as part of the Google search results. But optimizing for this has become increasingly difficult, since what Google shows and when they show it is so inconsistent. Here is how Google Places is different than the Google web resu


SEO Tip: How to Remove a Page from Google

This search engine optimization tip has to do with removing a page or a specific URL from the Google search engine. Their interface has changed recently, so you may want to read about how to remove a web page from Google using Google Webmaster Tools.

Facebook Pushes Yahoo! Into Third Place

Two years ago, search engine site Google Inc. (GOOG) eclipsed rival Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) as the No. 1 Web destination in the United States. Now, a six-year-old social networking site upended those statistics and raised the question: Is Google’s position in danger?

Google Fixes Google Buzz Bug

Google has fixed a Web flaw that gave hackers a way to take control of Google Buzz accounts. The flaw was patched late Tuesday, just hours after being disclosed on a Web-hacking blog run by Robert Hansen, CEO of SecTheory.

Forcing Google to Show Real-Time Web for Your Keyword

Here is how to literally force Google to display the real-time web, the Latest results for..., for a certain keyword or keyword phrase.

HOW TO: Force Google to Display Real-Time Web for Any Keyword

Here is how to literally force Google to display the real-time web, the Latest results for..., for a certain keyword or keyword phrase.


How to Fetch Your Web Page as Googlebot

Now you can see how your web page appears how Googlebot sees it. Log into Google Webmaster Tools and tell Google which page you wish to view. Google will crawl the web page and show you the results of what they see.

Brazil and India Obsessed with Google

In July, 2009, 29.8 percent of the total time spent online in Brazil was on a Google-owned website. In India, Internet users tend to spend about 28.9 percent of their total online time at a Google-owned web site.


Robots.txt File Disallowed Pages Still Accrue and Pass PageR

According to Matt Cutts of Google, even though you stop the crawlers from indexing a web page, that web page can still accrue PageRank.

Hosts to Provide Google Webmaster Tools Access

The Google Webmaster Tools Access Provider program features APIs to enable web hosts to offer their subscribers access to Webmaster Tools. Subscribers will be able to create Webmaster Tools accounts and submit sitemaps without leaving hosts’ control panels.

comScore Releases 2007 U.S. Internet Year in Review

According to comScore, Google and Facebook were some of the biggest winners last year when it comes to the top gaining web properties and overall search market growth.