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2012 and Hacked, Hosting Malware on Site

It looks like and, the search engine for domain names, has been hacked, and apparently is hosting malware on their web site. These messages started appearing to visitors of both and within the past 24 hours, and I have verified that users are still getting these messages.


Why Social Validation is the New Search Engine Optimization

You probably have heard me preach it before: if at all possible, for search engine optimization purposes, your web site should include a blog or other section. Here is why your SEO Strategy must include social validation.

Effective Title Tag for Search Engine Optimization

Web Sites need effective Title Tags to help improve search engine rankings for target keywords. Standing Dog Interactive has some tips on writing effective Title Tags.


Search Engine Optimization - How you can Identify Search Engine Ranking Problems with Your Website

I often speak to individuals who declare that they are struggling from poor search engine rankings. Regardless of what you do, you simply can t discover your web site in Google–and sometimes it’s not just the keywords the websites is targeting, the website can t be discovered for the company’s name. In any situation, the website is definitely suffe

No SEO for Web Marketing Association Best Web Sites

The Web Marketing Association has called the best Web Sites in 96 various classes. The awards are out today. I took a look at the top award successful web websites and the internet websites of those who created them: and am horrified to determine a lack of fundamental search engine optimization techniques being applied.

SEO Tip: How to Remove a Page from Google

This search engine optimization tip has to do with removing a page or a specific URL from the Google search engine. Their interface has changed recently, so you may want to read about how to remove a web page from Google using Google Webmaster Tools.

Search Engine Optimization: Adding Content to your Web Site

For this search engine optimization tip, lets talk more about content and adding content to your web site.

Facebook Pushes Yahoo! Into Third Place

Two years ago, search engine site Google Inc. (GOOG) eclipsed rival Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) as the No. 1 Web destination in the United States. Now, a six-year-old social networking site upended those statistics and raised the question: Is Google’s position in danger?

Search Engine Optimization: Should You Optimize for LeapFish

So, if you are optimizing your web site for search engines, using the latest search engine optimization tips and search engine optimization best practices, should you optimize your web site for the LeapFish search engine?


Search Engine Optimization Tip 34: Linking to Ranking Page for Your Keyword

This search engine optimization tip has to do with finding the best page on your web site for your keyword or keyword phrase.

Search Engine Optimization Tip 33: Discover Links

When searching for links to a web site, it is important to go to Yahoo and search there. Google, on purpose, does not show you all the links that they know about to a web site.

Search Engine Optimization Tip 32: Keywords that Convert

Here is to find your best converting keywords that have traffic but are not ranked well. This is where you can focus your search engine optimization efforts and improve your web site bottom line quickly.

Search Engine Optimization Tip 30: Promote Others

If your web site or company name is mentioned or some other site links to you then you should do your part to help promote those who link to you or mention you.

Search Engine Optimization Tip 26: Get Links Trusted Sites

Get links to your web site from someone you trust. For search engine optimization purposes, get links from trusted web sites.


Search Engine Optimization Tip 19: Move JavaScript to Extern

This is search engine optimization tip number nineteen. this search engine optimization tip is short: it is about what I would call code bloat. You do not want to have fat web pages that are full of code. For SEO purposes, we want thin web pages: pages that are light on code.

Vizion Interactive Releases SEO Audit Document

Organizing your SEO audit will make sure that you are requesting the same information from each search engine optimization company or SEO consultant. After the SEO audit, you should have reasonable consensus on how well your web site is optimized for the search engines.

comScore Releases August 2008 Search Engine Rankings

In August 2008, searchers in the USA conucted 11.7 billion core searches, virtually unchanged from July 2008. Googles web sites extended their lead in the core search market share by 1.1 percentage points.

SEO is an Orchestra, Not an Instrument

A good web developer will undoubtedly build a very search engine friendly website. But it takes someone steeped in SEO to truly optimize it.

Who is Optimizing YOUR Web Site?

Many times a company will use a web design firm to create the site in a search engine friendly manner, but many of firms do not do a full analysis of the needs of the web site.

Website Guru Opens Website Guru Scores $34K at Traffic Auction

The fast-growing site features the web’s top gurus in search engine optimization, web marketing, coding/programming, web design, internet security and domain names sharing their closely guarded secrets in one convenient place.

Will Yandex Go IPO in 2008?

The leading Russian search engine and web portal Yandex announced today that its annual revenues increased 130% year-on-year to some $167 million in 2007. The company did $30 million in net income in 2006 and this number could double in 2007.


ShipGooder Shipping Search Engine Proves that Milliseconds Matter

When it comes to web search applications, milliseconds matter. The faster you get your search result the happier you are. ShipGooder is introducing new courier search technology that is revolutionizing the way that packages are shipped.