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2012 Given by Tucows to Rightful Owner, LucasFilm

LucasFilm brought us Darth Vader in 1977. Now, Darth Vader (as in the domain name is now owned by its rightful owner, LucasFilm. Tucows Domain Portfolio Vice President Bill Sweetman commandeered the domain name when it was not renewed by its current owner–and promptly arranged for the domain name to be given to LucasFilm.


Weddings Themes: Western Weddings with a Kick

With the recent wedding of Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton in Texas, we wanted to show off some of the wonderful western weddings that we’ve showcased here on our blog. (Lord knows we tried to find decent wedding photos of their wedding…the one below is the best we could find and it’s a scan from Us Weekly – sorry!).

Wedding Bliss and the Romance of Food

Chicago Wedding Planner Hope Weis shared this exquisite wedding with us this week. This intimate wedding of 70 was treated to an evening of fine dining and fine wines.

Royal Wedding Ideas: Wedding Castles in England and Scotland

The countdown continues for the Royal Wedding, which made us think of castles. Getting married abroad in a castle would be such a magical experience. We found these two lovely castles (two of many castles used in England and Scotland for weddings) to share with our readers.


Search Engine Optimization: Why Alt Tags are Key

For this particular search engine optimization tip, let us review your image Alt Tags and putting keywords in your Alt Tags.

Why be Proactive If You Are Under Criminal Investigation

Clients often wait to retain us until they are actually indicted. Many times, however, had the client come to us when they first became aware they were under criminal investigation they might have avoided indictment all together or, at least, been in a better position to defend themselves once they were indicted.

Search Engine Optimization Tip: Who Owns Your Domain?

For this search engine optimization tip, let us talk about the Whois and the data that it contains.

Search Engine Optimization Tip: Add a Breadcrumb Trail

A breadcrumb trail, put simply, is a set of links on your page that lets users get back to where they came from or go to pages that are higher in the architecture of your site. For more information about what exactly breadcrumb trail navigation is, take a look here or here. Let us look at an example.

Airlines Set to Start Charging for Using Toilets in Flight

There are reports today that Ryan Air is going to start charging 1 Pound (about $1.52 US Dollars) for using the toilet on the airplane.

14 Celebs Who Are Jerks In Person

As journalists, lots of us Frisky staffers have met celebrities—either when we’re interviewing them, or out at industry parties and events. Many of these folks are amazing and cool, normal people who you forget are famous within two minutes. Others are—how do I put this nicely?—not so sweet. After the jump, find out who we put in the latter catego


Bo-Tax Proposed on Hair Transplants Is Hair-Raising

I am shocked that the proposed US Senate healthcare bill includes a new 5% tax on cosmetic surgery, including hair transplants. This measure, which will cost cosmetic surgery patients $6 billion, is a lose-lose proposal for everyone in the United States, men and women.

US News Rankings of Best Health Insurance Plans in America

U.S. News Media Group and the National Committee for Quality Assurance have released their annual edition of Americas Best Health Insurance Plans.

How Climate Change will Effect Us All

Increased wildfires. Rising sea levels. More intense tropical storms. Those are just a few predictions taken from a new report that describes the impacts of climate change in the United States.

Report Shows Climate Change s Effects on Areas of USA

The US Global Change Research Program has released a report summarizing the science of climate change. They re using information and events that have taken place in the past in order to predict the future.

Auto Sales for May 2009 Reported

The auto companies report each month on how many cars they sell. So, here are the numbers for May 2009.

US Healthcare System Prepared for Swine Flu

The entire healthcare system in the United States is prepared for the Swine Flu if it becomes a national epidemic. Many organizations are working with the CDC in order to keep updated on the latest information about this influenza virus.

Economy Forcing Us to Sell Cemetery Plots

Current economic conditions have prompted many people to sell assets in order to free up cash for essentials. For some, that means selling burial plots at bargain-basement prices.

Google QuickSand: US bias and other fun findings while drown

There does not seem to be the same filter or sandbox effects in non US Google engines.


Tell Us Your Most Outrageously Creative Ideas

What is the most outrageously creative thing you’ve done to save money or take your business to the next level?

Caroline Kennedy Speaks about Senate Run

After spending 20 minutes in a closed-door meeting, Caroline Kennedy read a brief statement - her first in-person acknowledgment of her interest in Hillary Clintons US Senate seat.

Search Engine Optimization Tip 18: Linking within Sentences

For search engine optimization tip number eighteen, let us talk about linking. Links in a sentence count more.

Search Engine Optimization Tip 17: Review Your Links

For search engine optimization tip number seventeen, let us talk about the links to your site and the overall reputation that you have already built up.

Search Engine Optimization Tip 17: Review Your Links

For search engine optimization tip number seventeen, let us talk about the current links to your site and the overall reputation that you have already built up.

Want Online Casinos? Search Uncle Sam Courtesy of Google

Using the new Google Uncle Sam search, you can now search the US Government websites. Take a look at all of the spam

Web of Misery to Gauge Economic Distress

The Sloan Center for Internet Retailing has launched a research project to determine if the economic slump experienced by the US is measurable by web traffic.