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February 2008

USAToday and Forbes How to Screw up a Good Idea

So I’m cruising through my reader this AM and come across this piece on USA Today Hottest shows in Las Vegas. Lots of blah balh copy, but what I really want to see is the list of the 10 shows. Inside the middle of the article I follow the link to the slide show (yes slide show in the anchor text already has me jittery). I’m sent through a series advertising screens and end up here. On top of that I now have to “next” through 10 different screens.

January 2008

China cleans up its act (for now)

Before the Olympic torch makes its way to Beijing later this year, the Chinese government is taking steps round off some of the countries sharper edges. No, they re not releasing political dissidents or allowing the Chinese people to surf the net as they please.

December 2007

Voxant Newsroom Blog: China cleans up its act

China s toy industry is frantically trying to repair their shattered reputation after millions of products were recalled earlier this year. This report from CBS goes inside the madness that is a Chinese toy factory.

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