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SEO Pricing: 600 Agencies Share Costs of Services amp; Pri

Survey on how much SEO services cost. Near the end of December 2011, we ran a survey on this blog asking consultants and agencies of all sizes and geographies to contribute their pricing models and cost structures. I m pleased to share the results of that survey.


Social Network Users Still Taking Risks

The results of the survey show that social network users are still taking too many risks. Social network users, for example, are sharing information that could help hackers breach their profiles, their wallets and possibly their homes.

Questionnaire Context, Order, and Meaning

When designing questionnaires, the order of items on the questionnaire creates a context, or meaning, for the entire questionnaire. Items placed early on in the questionnaire effect the way in which people respond to later questions.


Commercial Property Survey: China Market Remains Prudent

According to a new Global Commercial Property Survey by RICS, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, collapsing oil prices have pulled oil rich countries into the global property malaise with capital values falling in emerging nations for the first time in the survey’s history.

Win An iPod and 300 Tunes for your iPod

Take a short survey to be entered for a chance to win an iPod and 300 music downloads to put on your brand new mp3 player.


Survey Predicts Continued Decline in Health Plan Enrollment

According to a survey released today by CSC, about 75 percent of health plan executives expect the current economic crisis to have a greater impact on their business than the 2001-2002 economic downturn.

Survey Says 20 Percent of Women Have Santa Claus Fantasy

According to a study released by the flirty dating website, more than one in five women have a secret Santa Claus fantasy. And 1 in 10 wear a Santa costume in the bedroom.

How to Conduct a Survey - Deploying the Survey

A comprehensive look at the deployment segment of the survey processterms - survey deployment, paper surveys, online surveys, telephone surveys

Survey Says Economy Will Not Effect Our Online Spending

A new survey reveals that consumers expect to reduce their overall spending in 2008 but this will not effect online spending

2008 Survey Says Undergrads Want to Work for Google

Nearly one in five undergraduate students chose Google as their IDEAL Employer.

Ads Desired but Targeting Methods Dodged by Consumers

A recent survey by TNS Global, shows that 58 percent of respondents are not agreeable to having their browsing history used to serve them ads even when they are aware personal information is not involved.

How to Conduct a Survey - Creating the Survey

Part three of a series describing the basic strategies for creating effective customer and employee surveys.

How to a Survey - Survey Basics

Survey Research can be broken down into 5 simple steps. That is to say, breaking the process down is simple. How difficult the individual steps are depends on the size and scope of your project. Try to take each step individually.

How to Conduct a Survey - Intro

The first in a series of articles designed to to explain the very basics of conducting a customer or employee survey.

Survey: Registered Voters are Much More Likely to Find Love

According to a survey, singles are four times more likely to believe they will fall in love with a registered voter versus someone who is eligible to vote but has not registered.

Is your sex life bipartisan?

Who has better sex, Republicans or Democrats? According to a study in this month s Playboy, neither. Regardless of party, more than a quarter of the survey respondents said they have sex quot;once a week or less quot;. Yikes.


Do You Ignore the Advice That You Pay to Receive?

Why do individuals ignore advice? Is it due to stubbornness, pride, or lack of confidence in the person giving the advice? The latter sometimes happens when we are young adults, especially when the advice is from our parents.

Survey Results: Americans Turning Green in 2008

A poll released here yesterday by Tiller, LLC, indicated that 49% of all American adults say they will make a green New Year's resolution this year.

The Employee and Customer Survey Blog - NBRI - NBRI Ranks Number 5 Amongst Patient Satisfaction Firms

Modern Healthcare magazine released its list of the quot;Largest Patient Satisfaction Firms quot;. Among these firms was the Dallas-based National Business Research Institute, coming in at number five. The rankings were based on total number of patient satisfaction survey engagements in the healthcare industry in 2006.

The Employee and Customer Survey Blog - NBRI - NBRI Celebrates 25 Years

The National Business Research Institute is celebrating 25 years of effective customer and employee survey research and analysis.