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Network Solutions Privacy Fails for Private Registration

Network Solutions reveals the true identity of domain name owners despite opting into the Private Registration service.


Award for Easy to Implement Network Access Control Solutions

This month, InfoWorld awarded Virginia s Culpeper County Government their prestigious InfoWorld 100 Award for the agency s cyber security initiative and implementation of ForeScout CounterACT.

Network Solutions Settles Lawsuit for Frontrunning Domains

Front Running? Or protection against Front Running. That was the argument in this issue of Network Solutions registering every domain name searched by customers for availability on NetSol's WHOIS database.


Network Solutions Domain registration hijacks your domain lookups and auto-registers it?

Do a domain lookup in network solutions, and they automatically register your domain, put up a parking page, and make sure you can t register it from other registrars! Don t believe it?

Network Solutions Charging For Protection | WebProNews

Controversy is brewing about domain registrar company Network Solutions newly instituted practice of automatically registering domain names users search for and then jacking up the price during ICANN s return grace period.

Network Solutions Registering Domains After Availability Lookup

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If you go to the Networks Solutions site and look up a domain name to see if it’s registered then Network Solutions, within seconds, will buy the domain name, causing you to have to go buy it from them.