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Should You Hire a Fresh, New Graduate or a Firm For Your Soc

New graduates would be better seated in a social media marketing firm who can prune them to their maximum potential.


Four Tips to Turn Your Brand Advocates into Super Fans

If you re into social media marketing, you realize that it is extremely essential to turn your brand advocates, your brand s ambassadors, into fans. But not just ought to you turn your brand s fans into normal fans, you have the opportunity to convert them into superfans. Those that will really vouch for your brand, and be what we call a super fan

How to Use Twitter for Customer Service

There is now a great new tool for customer service that would probably not expect: it is called Twitter. Not only is Twitter a great social networking web site, Twitter is a great tool. And, more importantly, a time saver. On the Standing Dog Blog, we have a great blog post by Paul Griffith about how use Twitter as a customer service tool for your

Why Social Validation is the New Search Engine Optimization

You probably have heard me preach it before: if at all possible, for search engine optimization purposes, your web site should include a blog or other section. Here is why your SEO Strategy must include social validation.

Why You Should Check In on Foursquare

There are several reasons why you should make it a habit of checking in on foursquare, the social networking web site, while you go about your daily activities. I personally enjoy connecting with others and finding out who is also at my location and who has checked in. I also enjoy the fact that since I have connected my foursquare account with man


Republican GOP Candidates Winning Social Media

Republican individuals for your U.S. Senate have amassed greater than 4 occasions as several Facebook Fans as their Democratic counterparts, and more than 5 occasions as many Twitter Fans, based on an analysis by HeadCount, a nonpartisan voter registration organization.

Increasing Your Success Rate with Social Media

For small businesses, social medias ever-emerging presence is really a dramatic game-changer that can possess a big impact on their bottom line. Here is to dramatically increase your success with social media.

13 Great Social Media Monitoring Tools

While there are many more tools available out there, here is a list of some of the best monitoring tools and sites available that you can use to monitor your brand across the social media landscape.

Search Engine Optimization: Is Social Sharing the Next Link Building?

From a search engine’s perspective, the theory here is that most likely you are sharing something with your friends because you like it. You like that URL enough that you want to share it with everyone who is following you. That is now a link.


GeoSpot Deep Local Search Launches Mobile Web Service

GeoSpot, a location-based services and social activities site has launched the Beta release of GeoSpot Mobile Web service. Find open businesses via your mobile phone.

Using FriendFeed to Learn the Habits of Your Friends

Founded by four ex-Googlers, FriendFeed allows you to subscribe to your friends updates across 35 social networks and to stay up to date with the content they are discovering and sharing across the web.

3 Letters That Can Improve Your Social Media Success

Did you know that there are three simple alphabet letters that can make or break your social media campaigns? So many times we overlook these three letters and never realize that they can help improve your social media profile success.

ust How Much Traffic Can You Get From Social Media Websites?

If you get your content right, social media sites can send 10’s of thousands of visitors to your site in a short space of time. But how much traffic do these social media sites really send?

The Ins and Outs of Forum Marketing

Yesterday Jake took us through Social Media Marketing and why it is so important to incorporate into your overall marketing strategy. Most of the time when Social Media Marketing is mentioned, we talk about large sites like Digg, Facebook, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc. Today I want to discuss the benefits and strategies in using forums to your advantage.