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Google Search Quality Still Lacking After Google Farmer Upda

As you are probably aware, Google has been in the media spotlight lately about the Google search quality. I took a look at a recent topical search result and compares the Google search results with the Bing search results. Google s search results are filled with a duplicated PR Newswire press release. Bing, on the other hand, shows unique content w


Problems with Google Places Uncovered

Google’s recent search update where they have pulled places listings into the organic results is generating some errors in accuracy. Rob over at Standing Dog has uncovered some pretty interesting issues regarding Google Places and their integrated search results. Read the Google Places blog post to earn exactly what the problems that have been unco

Social Media Helps Leapfish Search Engine Give Away Money

Leapfish is turning to social media to give away up to $100,000 cash. Leapfish is calling this the $100,000 Cash Dash Viral Bonanza. Help them promote their search engine and you could win points towards your share of the money.

comScore February 2010 Search Engine Rankings

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) , a leader in measuring the digital world, releases its comScore qSearch analysis of the U.S. search marketplace. In February 2010, Americans conducted 14.5 billion core searches, with Google Sites accounting for 65.5 percent search market share.

CheapTweet Upgrades Its Social Deals Search Engine, a major Twitter-based social deals search engine site, has launched CheapTweet Version 2, in celebration of indexing over 5 million deals online to offer users an better social shopping experience.


New Leapfish Demo Brings Even More Search Engine Power

Just recently, LeapFish unveiled another demo of their product to a select few, and this time around there were many benefits to really make this search engine conglomerate much more appealing the second time around.

Report: Bing Search Engine Losing Users

Bing, one of the newest search engines on the block powered by Microsoft, had a great opening with a strong marketing campaign, but lately has been declining on the number of new users to the search engine.

comScore Releases Search Engine Rankings for June 2009

This is the first time that the new Bing search engine is included. It is interesting to see how Bing did after one month.

comScore May 2009 Search Engine Rankings

comScore has released its monthly comScore qSearch analysis of the United States search marketplace. In May 2009, Americans conducted 14.3 billion core searches. This data does not include the launch.

Is the Q and A Database Biased? aggregated all of the question and answer sites’ content into one large database. Are the answers biased?

Rushmore Drive Black Search Engine Shutting Down

After one year and two months later there are reports that Rushmore Drive is closing, shutting its doors. Why am I not surprised?

Logic361 Launches PPC Automated Bid and Ad Tool

At a time where everyone seems to be cutting costs wherever possible because of the economy, this is a much-needed tool for search engine pay per click advertisers.

Ixquick Search Engine Stops Recording IP Addresses

Ixquick, a meta search engine, has completely stopped recording IP addresses for privacy purposes.

New Dental Search Engine Launches has recently launched their search engine for Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and the Oral Health industry.

LeapFish: Fastest Search Engine

The LeapFish technology, click-free search, shows you the search results as you type. You no longer have to hit the “enter” key on your keyboard to see the search results.


B2B Search Engine Accoona Acquired by Masterseek

The Business to Business (B2B) search engine Accoona has been acquired by the international B2B search engine Masterseek. Masterseek was founded in Denmark in 1999. Adds One-Click Election Poll Information to Search has launched their new “Election Poll Smart Answers” that gives you local polling information in just one click: and it’s a lot faster and easier than any other major search engine.

comScore Releases August 2008 Search Engine Rankings

In August 2008, searchers in the USA conucted 11.7 billion core searches, virtually unchanged from July 2008. Googles web sites extended their lead in the core search market share by 1.1 percentage points. Re-Launches Search Engine for Kids has re-launched their search engine for kids at School is now back in session so now is great time for kids to start using this new search engine.

Want Online Casinos? Search Uncle Sam Courtesy of Google

Using the new Google Uncle Sam search, you can now search the US Government websites. Take a look at all of the spam

Twitter Caught Spamming Google

I noticed recently that has recently made a change to their site that is causing them to spam Google and the other search engines by allowing duplicate content to get indexed by the search engine spiders.

Searchme Adds Visual Search Features and Social Bookmarks to Search

Searchme has added new visual search features to their site. These new features, called Stacks and Media Search, will help you find, organize, and share information.

comScore Releases May 2008 Search Engine Rankings

comScore has released its monthly comScore qSearch analysis of the United States search engine rankings for May, 2008.

Viewzi Search Engine Brings Fun Way to Discover Online Content

Viewzi is a new search engine that is trying to deliver a fun and interactive way to discover content online. Viewzi just launched their new type of search engine, bringing a visually-pleasing experience to the way we search for sites.

Contemporary Surgery and Convera Launch Vertical Search Engine

Contemporary Surgery, along with help from Convera, has launched a new search engine at SURGERYFINDIT.COM. This new search engine tool provides targeted search results for surgeons.