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In 3 simple steps, iCaughtSanta can help you turn a typical Christmas morning into something spectacular!


How to Track Santa Claus this year using Twitter and Faceboo

Do you want learn how to track Santa Claus this year online or by phone? Well, here is your chance. tw telecom voice communications services at NORAD lets you track Santa Claus via Twitter and Facebook, as well as some other online services.


5 Ways to Get Off of Santa's Naughty List

We are all not perfect, so now might be a good way to take a break from being bad and get on Santa s good side. is offering 5 ways that you can get off of Santa Claus naughty list.

Survey Says 20 Percent of Women Have Santa Claus Fantasy

According to a study released by the flirty dating website, more than one in five women have a secret Santa Claus fantasy. And 1 in 10 wear a Santa costume in the bedroom.

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