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July 2008

How to Make Rose Beads from Rose Bushes

Making rose beads from rose bushes is not really that hard. It is also a great project that you can do with your kids this summer. Here is how to make rose beads from rose bushes.

May 2008

Fertilizing Your Rose Bushes

Fertilizer is, simply put, food for roses. If you feed your bushes a healthy, nutritional diet, they will take the fertilizer and turn it into big, beautiful blooms. Here is how to fertilize properly.

April 2008

Pruning Your Rose Bushes

When it comes to roses, good pruning is essential to good health. Pruning removes dead wood, controls the shape of your bush, and encourages vigour and healthy flowers. The time to prune is in late winter while your bushes are still dormant, just before you put down your first application of fertilizer.

Mulching Your Rose Bushes

Mulch does a number of wonderful things for your rose bushes. It can help deter weeds, prevent moisture loss, cool the soil structure on hot summer days and, as it decomposes, provide nutrients to the soil beneath.

Transplanting Rose Bushes

The best time to transplant roses is during late winter, after the last hard frost but before the bushes begin to bud. First, prepare the new planting site.

March 2008

History of the Rose

According to fossil evidence, the wild rose has been around for around 35 million years. For the past 5,000 years, rose varietals have been bred by people.

December 2007

Roses Play Important Role in Tournament of Roses Parade

The annual Tournament of Roses Parade and the Rose Bowl is coming, and roses and rose bushes play an important role at the parade, so here is the low-down on the parade and the Rose Bowl football game.

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