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MSN AdCenter is now Bing Ads

If you ve ever tried PPC marketing campaign management with Microsoft adCenter, you might have been disappointed; fortunately, Bing Ads is a major improvement.


What If Your Paid Search Manager Goes Missing?

If your paid search manager suddenly fell off the face of the Earth could you pick up where they left off easily without having to contact anyone for logins? Here is what do do if your paid search manager is missing in action.

How to Keep PPC Strong When Budgets Get Lean

Despite a reduction in marketing budgets, the volume of searches performed is still showing strong growth. People are using search more than ever, putting your online campaigns front and center in your marketing mix. How do you keep your PPC efforts strong when the budget gets lean?


Google Automatic Match - Measuring the Cost of Skipping Keyw

Automatic Match is Googles new feature that allows AdWords managers to receive clicks in their PPC campaigns without the need to select specific keywords.

PPC Advertising: the top 100 keyword phrases

Last time I checked, is reporting that someone is bidding $51.66 per click for phrase conference calling companies. Here is how you can convert high dollar ppc keywords.