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Teen Unable to Shut Her Mouth After Yawning in Class

Holly Thompson, 17, of Kingsthorpe, Northampton, was in the middle of a particularly enthralling class on politics when she reacted to the subject matter like many other students would -- she yawned.


Republican GOP Candidates Winning Social Media

Republican individuals for your U.S. Senate have amassed greater than 4 occasions as several Facebook Fans as their Democratic counterparts, and more than 5 occasions as many Twitter Fans, based on an analysis by HeadCount, a nonpartisan voter registration organization.

TX Assoc of Realtors Political Candidate Endorsements

On March 2, 2010, the State of Texas will hold its Primary Election. The Texas Republicans and Democrats will select their nominees based on the outcomes of primary votes held on March 2, 2010, which is the first Tuesday in March.) If a runoff election is needed, it will be held on April 13, 2010, the second Tuesday in April.


Cuba - U.S. Relationship Beginning to Thaw?

The Bay of Pigs Invasion. The Cuban Missile Crisis. The Cuban Trade Embargo. These are all major footnotes in the nearly five decades of virtually non-existent relations between the United States and Cuba; however, that all appears to be changing. Under the Obama administration, there are signs that the once-strained relationship between the two na

Company Offers Horse-Drawn Hearse to Honor Fallen Troops

As the owner of the Wellington Carriage Company in Manzanola, Colorado, Melgosa supports fallen troops by carrying them to their final resting places in a horse-drawn hearse - often at her own expense.


Caroline Kennedy Speaks about Senate Run

After spending 20 minutes in a closed-door meeting, Caroline Kennedy read a brief statement - her first in-person acknowledgment of her interest in Hillary Clintons US Senate seat.

Bark Bite ponders the 2009 Presidential Inauguration

Pondering the presidential campaign this year, we have been inundated and hit with questions about what our next president will do once he (or she) gets into office next January.

Voter Rights Denied by States Defying Federal Law

The study shows that 12 years after the NVRA’s requirements went into effect, voter registrations from public agencies, which provide services to low-income Americans, have declined dramatically.

The End of the Road for John Edwards

John Edwards has officially withdrawn his bid for the White House.

The David Letterman Political Primary

Is late night the new Iowa? David Letterman has been holding a caucus of his own lately, hosting all three of the Democratic frontrunners. Are these visits to the late night couch a chance for the candidates to connect with a new audience or just a reminder of why these guys are politicians and not in comedy? You be the judge.

Granite State Blues (and Reds) It s Voting Day

In case you haven t noticed, it s Primary Day in New Hampshire. You know what that means - half of half of the people in tiny, insignificant state are currently deciding who the next president is going to be. Ain t democracy grand?

2007 the Year in Politics Overview

It may be hard to imagine, but before 2007 no one knew the significance of a wide stance when it comes to airport bathrooms. No one knew Oprah was going to step off the couch and on to the political stage or that an Arkansan best known for losing 100 lbs would lead the Republican polls heading into Iowa.

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