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Why Social Validation is the New Search Engine Optimization

You probably have heard me preach it before: if at all possible, for search engine optimization purposes, your web site should include a blog or other section. Here is why your SEO Strategy must include social validation.


Link Building Strategies for Search Engine Optimization

Promoting your website on other websites is sometimes a daunting task, even when you think you are in a non-competitive industry. Are you a black hat or a white hat? Find out at an event to be held in Dallas on October 14th.

Search Engine Optimization Tip 30: Promote Others

If your web site or company name is mentioned or some other site links to you then you should do your part to help promote those who link to you or mention you.


Twitter Caught Spamming Google

I noticed recently that has recently made a change to their site that is causing them to spam Google and the other search engines by allowing duplicate content to get indexed by the search engine spiders.

Search Engine Workshops Now Offering Online Search Engine Marketing Resource Center

This new networking community is the first on the internet to offer a place where search engine optimizers can meet and share strategies, access other online areas, and get the latest updated material on a regular basis.


Link Building: DIY In-House vs. Outsourced - Search Engine Watch

For some companies, in-house works; for others, outsourcing link building works. A combination of the two might work for other companies. However, the lack of experienced link developers in the search engine marketplace makes a compelling argument to manage link building campaigns in-house -- especially for competitive and high-margin verticals.