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November 2008

8 Steps to a Faster Online Backup

Internet connection speed is a very important factor in determining how quickly your backups will run, but it s not the only factor. Here are some additional tips to help minimize the time required for online backups.

December 2007

The Rick Schwartz Domain and Traffic Blog of the quot;Domain King quot;: Rick s year end post 2007

In the first few weeks of the year we will hear how the experts are surprised about how strong online spending was. The experts are really no experts at all or they would have predicted what is coming not reacting to it.

November 2007

10 Questions to Ask Home a Care Agency

When choosing any type of long-term care, there are many pitfalls to watch out for when hiring a homecare worker to care for yourself or a loved one. Here are ten questions to ask each home care agency during the initial phone call. If they can't answer these questions to your satisfaction, move on to the next agency until you find one that can.