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Real-Time Policy Control Needed as SmartPhone Traffic Grows

The number of avid smartphone users is growing steadily. And as the number of smartphone users grow, the amount of data traffic that they generate is growing as well. Video and gaming applications as well as the use of social networks and social media websites are ranked top in smart devices usage.

Twitter Ads Imminent, Might Actually Make Money

One of the games that digital prognosticators love to play is guessing when and how Twitter will make money. We ve taken particular joy in lambasting one of our favorite social networks for absorbing investor dollars like a black hole. But all of the fun and games may be coming to an end now that rumors are swirling of a Twitter Ad platform that wi

Apparent Networks Launches Powered by PathView

Powered by PathView is a comprehensive partner program that offers resellers and managed services providers (MSPs) new improved capabilities, support resources and opportunities for new revenue streams.

PathView Cloud Generates New Revenue for Managed Services

LinkStatus, an Apparent Networks customer and large managed services provider in the UK, provides continuous monitoring and testing of network performance so that its customers can focus on more important, business critical issues. The company specializes in assessing and reporting traffic type and volume; implementing services for deployment and m


Revolutionary Social Networking Software Launched

eServGlobal Limited announced the launch of its revolutionary Social Relationship Manager (SRM) software, that joins mobile telephone networks with popular internet social networking sites.


MTV Networks Acquires Babunga to Better Target Moms and Dads

Nickelodeon/ MTV Networks has acquired Babunga, a network of niche websites that reach out to the parenting crowd. Babunga includes BabyNamesWorld, 3DPregnancy, WikiParenting, and PetNamesWorld.

Sonus Networks Achieves Historic IP Voice Milestone

Sonus Networks entered 2008 achieving a historic voice network milestone. Leveraging Sonus’ industry leading, breakthrough technology for voice networks, operators now report that they have carried over one trillion minutes in aggregate on their networks.

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