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Search Secrets: How a prominent SEO company is covertly purc

An initial email led to the discovery of a sophisticated but largely anonymous network of sites purchasing links on behalf of Dun amp; Bradstreet.

Home Depot To Correct Misleading Link Request

It read like one of those bad link requests you get. Link to me, and you’ll rank better. It even suggested hiding the link. But the request was from Home Depot, to its network of nearly 2,000 service providers. Now that it’s come to light, the home improvement store chain says it is correcting the mistake.

Google to Retire Hosted Domains Product within AdSense

Google has decided to retire the “hosted domains” product that they have through the Google AdSense program. According to an email directly from the Google AdSense team, they have evaluated the benefits of their partner network and decided to retire the Hosted Domains program with Google AdSense.


Network Solutions Privacy Fails for Private Registration

Network Solutions reveals the true identity of domain name owners despite opting into the Private Registration service.


Yahoo Shutting Down Yahoo Publisher Network

Yahoo! has decided to close the Yahoo! Publisher Network. For those of you who are not familiar with the Yahoo! Publisher Network, it is a contextual advertising network that relies on ads from the Yahoo! Search Marketing program.

Social Network Users Still Taking Risks

The results of the survey show that social network users are still taking too many risks. Social network users, for example, are sharing information that could help hackers breach their profiles, their wallets and possibly their homes.

How to Send Gift Cards on Any Social Network

Friendgiftrs one-of-a-kind network is the first and only social media-based online storefront to offer actual purchasable retail and restaurant gift cards to hundreds of millions of social media site users.

6 Ways OSS Can Help You Monetize Your Ethernet Network

One method is to apply Class of Service (CoS) management to Ethernet service, such as mobile backhaul, so this valuable resource can be differentiated, controlled and regulated according to your rules – applying your rules allows you to protect and increase your revenues.

Search Engine Optimization and Network Marketing: How to Get More Leads

So, what can you do if you are a network marketer and want to bring in more network marketing leads? What if you have already spent money on a multi level marketing œprogram and want to get more people in your network?

PCI-DSS: What the Chief Compliance Officer Needs to Know

PCI-DSS is comprised of 12 discrete requirements, dictating how card processors handle everything from network security standards to data encryption.

PathView Cloud Generates New Revenue for Managed Services

LinkStatus, an Apparent Networks customer and large managed services provider in the UK, provides continuous monitoring and testing of network performance so that its customers can focus on more important, business critical issues. The company specializes in assessing and reporting traffic type and volume; implementing services for deployment and m

Does IPv6 Still Matter?

IPv4 address space exhaustion is still imminent, scheduled for late 2011. There still is very little happening to convince most network operators to make the requisite changes soon. And there was that financial crisis thing. IPv6 is still a train wreck in slow motion. Does IPv6 still matter?


Why is 10G Better for Network Latency?

Why is 10G better for latency? In a word, serialization - the time it takes to process a packet and send it out on the wire (or read it back) is reduced by roughly a factor of 10 over 1G.

Award for Easy to Implement Network Access Control Solutions

This month, InfoWorld awarded Virginia s Culpeper County Government their prestigious InfoWorld 100 Award for the agency s cyber security initiative and implementation of ForeScout CounterACT.

Network Solutions Settles Lawsuit for Frontrunning Domains

Front Running? Or protection against Front Running. That was the argument in this issue of Network Solutions registering every domain name searched by customers for availability on NetSol's WHOIS database.

Family Healthcare Network Chooses InteGreat EHR

MED3OOO Group, Inc., a national healthcare management and technology company, has entered into an agreement to implement and deploy InteGreat EHR, a browser-based electronic health record (EHR) application, within the Family HealthCare Network (FHCN).

Social Network Magniola Suffers Data Loss

Social network Magnolia is reporting on their home page today that they have lost their data and are working around the clock to recover but anticipate the outage lasting at least several days.


Google Response to Google Bandwidth Report

Google responds to the report, saying that the report Mr. Cleland issued today -- alleging that Google is somehow unfairly consuming network bandwidth -- is just the latest in what one blogger called his payola punditry. Leaves Amazon EC2 For, a leading online political news network which operates 17 political news websites across the country, has switched managed hosting providers, leaving Amazon EC2 for Voxel dot Net.

Alex Rodriguez and Madonna Surge in Searches on Lycos Network

According to Lycos, the rumors of an affair between Alex Rodriguez and Madonna caused a huge surge in the number of searches for their names last week.

Paul Levine Joins Zvents Board of Directors

Paul Levine, former GM of Yahoo! Local, has joined Zvents board of directors as Zvents continues to grow both its network and innovative local search platform.

Got a Look-Alike? iLookLikeYou Social Network Launches

Do you have a look-alike? Apparently we all do. Now we all have our chance to really find our look-alike with the new social network,

Google Affiliate Network Launches

This service is sure to bring more attention to affiliate marketing now that Google has put its name on the service.

Yahoo! Publisher Network Gives Room to AdSense

Yahoo! has closed a ten-year deal that would give it the option to serve and display Google AdSense search and contextual advertising on its search results.

Sk-rt Social Network Rebrands as Kirtsy, Fails to Follow SEO Best Practices

Sk*rt, the social network geared towards women, has rebranded as Kirtsy. The only problem is that they did not redirect the site properly.