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UK Now Seizing Music Blogs (With American Domains) Over Copy

UK Now Seizing Music Blogs (With American Domains) Over Copyright Claims


YouTube Has a New Design

I love YouTube. I love posting videos to YouTube, reading the comments to videos and watching videos of all types: from music videos to Korean e-sports. YouTube just redesigned their website. Did they nail it or put a nail in their coffin?


Dr. Howard Bellin: Beyonce Music Makes Nose Jobs Better

I m a fan because I have to admit...many of my patients like the fact that we play Beyonce s music when we perform Rhinopasty operations (nose jobs). Apparently they just end up looking better when her music is playing in the background. We have actually tested this theory, and the Beyonce music definitely helps our patients nose jobs.


Music for Babies in the Womb

Music for babies in the womb can play an important part in enhancing the quality of life after birth.

Song: Using WordPress as a CMS

WordPress now has its own song, called Using WordPress as a CMS. Check out the unofficial WordPress song.

Win An iPod and 300 Tunes for your iPod

Take a short survey to be entered for a chance to win an iPod and 300 music downloads to put on your brand new mp3 player.


Songs that are Ruining Our Kids Futures

Pop culture is full of disturbing temptations and what better place to seed such evils than in the lyrics of a song which are then masked by infectious melodies and hip gyrating beats.

Quincy Jones throws youngins and bling-bling under the bus

Quincy, who is being honored with a humanitarian award at the BET awards tonight, said: I was fortunate to come into music when it was not about the bling-bling or the Benjamins. Watch the AP interview.

Top 10 songs in the US for May 23

Bark and Bite has the list of the top ten songs in the USA for the week.

Everybody wants a piece of Rihanna

Rihanna is definitely the hottest female in music right now.

Nas drops the N bomb on us

Yesterday, the track Be A Nigger Too leaked onto the Internet and the blogosphere has been reacting.

Eat your heart out, David Archuleta! Heres the Library Idol Winner

May I present to you all, the winner of Library Idol in Baltimore, Maryland.

Oasis star doesnt want Jay-Z at Glastonbury

Noel Gallagher is hopping mad about the decision to have Jay-Z headline the traditionally rock-heavy Glastonbury music festival.

More of the same old noise from 50 Cent

Oh joy, 50 Cent is releasing another album. Oh, and you ll never believe this, but the tentative title, quot;Locked and Loaded, quot; references guns.

Top 10 songs in the US This Week

Here is a list of the top ten songs in the USA this week.

Weird Science: Classical Music and a Fascination with Death

When classical music and a morbid fascination with death comes together, the result is completely creepy.

Music Tuesday: Missy Elliott is back

Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott is back with her new song "Ching-a-ling" and as expected, she brings psychedelic beats, reversed vocals and lyrical mumbo jumbo with her.

Voxant Newsroom Blog: Music Tuesday: Bebel Gilberto

As I ve said before, I m a huge fan of Brazilian music. Whether it s samba, bossa nova, forró or funk. I love the energy of their music, and infectious nature of Brazilian songs which enables you to get swept away.

Music Tuesday: Kate Walsh

There seems to be a trend of whisper-voiced, vulnerable, coffee house-style female singers cropping up. We've got Feist, with her ubiquitous Apple-backed "1,2,3,4," Colbie Caillat and her "Bubbly" song and now we've got Kate Walsh with her unguarded tune "Your Song."

New Music Tuesday: Forro in the Dark

When you think of Brazilian music, what genres come to mind? Most likely you think of samba, bossa nova and funk music, if you're a hipster. (I adore funk music, by the way.) But it's time for the world to get acquainted with another form of Brazilian music: forró. Forró is a sound born of the struggle, loneliness, longing and romance of the people of the Northeast of Brazil.

Are you ready? American Idol is back

Tonight is a big night in television. People will be moved, decisions will be made, and lives might possibly be changed. Yes, tonight is the night that quot;American Idol quot; s 7th season begins. Oh, did you think I was talking about the Democratic debate? Pfft, forget that. They ve already had about 20 of those anyway.

Taylor Hicks gets the boot

It looks like winning American Idol is of no benefit to the winner. News reports came out today that the 2006 winner of American Idol has been let go by his record label J Records. Ruben Studdard, the second season winner of American Idol, was also dropped by J Records. Oh, and Kelly Clarkson, the first winner of AI, had a flop album released in 07. Yesterday s winner is tomorrow s loser.


Voxant Newsroom Blog: Music Tuesday: Mary J. Blige talks about her quot;Growing Pains quot;

Forget what you heard, Mary J. Blige is the real survivor. The trail-blazing singer started out on the music scene a troubled soul back in 1992, when she released her classic debut, quot;What s the 411? quot; She had an attitude, a chip on her shoulder and she pointedly talked about her disappointments in life.