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MSN AdCenter is now Bing Ads

If you ve ever tried PPC marketing campaign management with Microsoft adCenter, you might have been disappointed; fortunately, Bing Ads is a major improvement.

Microsoft Registers Outlook Domain Names: A Lesson In Protec

Microsoft recently launched as a new online email service, to rival Google’s Gmail. will be replaced by On the same day that Microsoft rebooted, they registered a whole slew of similar domain names–in a move that looks like it’s mainly to protect the Outlook brand.


Is a Microsoft Word Resume Still Acceptable?

Standing Dog is hiring. And we have been receiving a lot of resumes for various open positions that we have, some in social media, some in Search Engine Optimization, and even in the Creative (web design, etc.) areas. I know that standard resumes in Microsoft Word are acceptable. But to stand out, is it acceptable to submit a resume that is a littl

Microsoft Moves Synsup Labs Domain Names

In April 2011 I first reported that Microsoft had acquired 47 domain names related to something (a brand or a company) named Synsup Labs. Those domain names had previously been pointed to the search results. Now, the total number of domain names related to Synsup Labs that Microsoft owns is an even 50 domain names, and a name server has be

Microsoft Acquires 47 SynsupLabs Domain Names

In an interesting acquisition today by Microsoft, the company acquired 47 domain names and has pointed them to the search engine. I usually watch the list of Microsoft domain names and have not seen such a large acquisition of new domain names in a long time. Perhaps this is the indication of a new product, a new service, or upcoming proje


How to Develop an iPhone App using Microsoft Visual C

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DragonFireSDK is a Microsoft Visual C/C library. Its API consists of C/C functions that call native iPhone Objective C functions enabling iPhone App creation in Windows. Basically, you can develop iphone app games through a windows platform and then be sold through the apps store.


Microsoft Launches Live Search API for Publishers and Web De

Today at PubCon Microsoft launched a new release of the Live Search API for publishers and web developers. Now, in one place, Microsoft is making available what is essentially a content management system for your site or blog, plus the ability to monetize by selling ads.

Carl Icahn Issues Letter to Yahoo! Shareholders; Microsoft Responds

Carl Icahn has issued a public statement today, an open letter to Yahoo! shareholders. In response, Microsoft issued a statement, as well.

Microsoft ups offer for Yahoo by several dollars

Microsoft reportedly dangled a higher takeover bid in front of Yahoo, hoping to reach a friendly deal.

Google Tests Site Links Search with Microsoft

From what I can tell, and from the short amount of testing that I have done, the search box appears when you search for Microsoft at It looks to me that it is nothing but a Google custom search engine, or simply a site: command search of the domain, which includes all of their subdomains.

Google amp; Microsoft Sued in Paid Search Related Patent Case

Last week an Ohio company filed a lawsuit against Microsoft and Google, alleging infringement on a patent related to paid search methods.

Usability Expert Says Microsoft Fluent User Interface Is Not so Fluent

Trying to use the new Fluent User Interface (aka the ribbon) illicit feelings of confusion, frustration, and depending how quickly I need to get something done and am unable to find where it is hiding, anger.

Microsoft Bids for Yahoo! Wrapup

By now you have probably heard the news that Microsoft has made a bid for Yahoo!. Since so many people are covering it I thought it would be best to do a end of day wrapup about the proposed Microsoft Yahoo! news.

What Will Microsoft Yahoo Merger Mean for Online Marketing?

Microsoft may be acquiring Yahoo very soon. How will this effect online marketing? Especially if Yahoo Search totally replaces MS Live Search.