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How to Diversify the Anchor Text of Links to Your Web Site

Some of the latest Google algorithm changes involves the diversity of anchor text links that point to a web site or one particular web page. If you have too much of one keyword phrase in the anchor text, which tends to be around 60 percent or higher, there will be issues.


Search Engine Optimization: Is Social Sharing the Next Link Building?

From a search engine’s perspective, the theory here is that most likely you are sharing something with your friends because you like it. You like that URL enough that you want to share it with everyone who is following you. That is now a link.

List of 683 .EDU Blogs Worth Commenting On

I ve taken various lists from a few different places, checked all the links to see if they re still valid, and came up with a list of 683 .EDU blogs that are worth commenting on if you want a backlink from an .EDU site.


How to Add Links to Your LinkedIn Profile

Many of your employees might already be using LinkedIn as a networking tool. But they may not have links from their profiles to your web site. Here is how to add links to your LinkedIn profile.

Search Engine Optimization Tip 33: Discover Links

When searching for links to a web site, it is important to go to Yahoo and search there. Google, on purpose, does not show you all the links that they know about to a web site.


Search Engine Optimization Tip:Link Building Using Coupons

This search engine optimization tip is pretty simple: if you sell something on your site you should offer a coupon.

6 Ways to Get Instant Links to your Site

It seems as though everyone wants something done quickly, or nearly instantly. We want success quickly. Here are six ways to get instant links to your site.

How Would You Build Links If Google Did Not Exist?

Loren Baker looks into the practice of successful link building for Google, by pretending that Google and PageRank were never invented, and linking is done to attract interest and traffic.

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