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March 2010

Why Your Business Should Invest In Keyword Rich Domains

One of the best kept secrets of the search engine optimization and search engine marketing industry is the expired domain name auctions that exist out there. If someone does not renew their domain name, it is frequently put up for auction on by the registrar itself, like Godaddy. If you do not renew your domain name at, then there is a

October 2009

Search Engine Optimization Tip 34: Linking to Ranking Page for Your Keyword

This search engine optimization tip has to do with finding the best page on your web site for your keyword or keyword phrase.

Search Engine Optimization Tip 32: Keywords that Convert

Here is to find your best converting keywords that have traffic but are not ranked well. This is where you can focus your search engine optimization efforts and improve your web site bottom line quickly.

March 2009

SEO Tip 29: Target your Best Keywords

How to target your best performing keywords using Google Analytics data.

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