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Exclusive Look: Where The Workers Who Made Your iPhone Sleep

Foxconn s factory in Shenzhen, China, is home to about half of its 420,000 workers. They make many of our gadgets and computers, then walk to dormitories on the 2.1-kilometer-square campus. I got to look inside.

Facebook Chat Client Launches Today

As a self confessed laptop or computer nerd, what particularly impresses me about this Facebook client is both its reliability when related to Facebook chat along with the ease with which you ll be able to customize the shopper. As an example, the Facebook chat client’s intuitive interface makes customizing shortcuts a breeze; I like that I can hot


Floating Versus Glue and Nail down Hardwood Floors

There are three different types of installations regarding an engineered hardwood. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, yet all three have a wide spectrum of species and stains. In the following, I will discuss the three types, and moreover, how each system is different than the next.

Rushmore Drive Black Search Engine Shutting Down

After one year and two months later there are reports that Rushmore Drive is closing, shutting its doors. Why am I not surprised?


Go Nelson Mandela, its ya birfday!

Nelson Mandela is turning 1,345 years old and everyone is celebrating! No, I kid. He s only turn 500 years old. Ok, I ll stop. He s turning 90. No, for real, he really is turning 90.

Britney brings eyeballs to Mother

Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Britney s guest appearance on How I Met Your Mother gave the show its highest ratings ever. The critics blew Britney plenty of kisses too.

StumbleUpon Graveyard

A few things will kill a stumble, sending no traffic and sending the page to a quiet death. I present for your horror the StumbleUpon Graveyard and how posts are dragged down to its bowels, I will even provide tips to avoid such a fate..