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How to Transition from PPC to Organic Search

If you are spending too much money for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, then you likely have considered moving away from PPC and towards organic search results. After all, if you rank well in the organic, or natural, search results, you can spend a lot less money on PPC.

Staying at This Curacao Hotel on Vacation

I will be staying at this Curacao Hotel on vacation this summer. The Curacao Marriott Beach Resort amp; Emerald Casino captures the best of old-Amsterdam charm with sun-drenched warmth. This luxury Curacao hotel is located on Piscadera Bay, 10 minutes from downtown Willemstead and Hato International Airport. With 6 oceanfront acres, this Caribbean

How I Replaced My HVAC Free Using Tax Credits and Rebates

In this case, we did have to use our credit card and pay for our system to be installed. But, we are applying enough tax credit and getting the rebates from the government that actually will end up covering the total cost of the new system. So, while we do have to pay for some of it, we will end up getting the whole system (virtually) for free.


Floating Versus Glue and Nail down Hardwood Floors

There are three different types of installations regarding an engineered hardwood. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, yet all three have a wide spectrum of species and stains. In the following, I will discuss the three types, and moreover, how each system is different than the next.

Barbecued SEO: As Only A Kansas City SEO Could Tell It

Yes, I know, this is quite possibly the most ridiculously titled search marketing blog post you have ever read. Hang tight and read on, you will soon see the reasoning behind this post title and no, you probably will not be licking your lips afterwards.

Bo-Tax Proposed on Hair Transplants Is Hair-Raising

I am shocked that the proposed US Senate healthcare bill includes a new 5% tax on cosmetic surgery, including hair transplants. This measure, which will cost cosmetic surgery patients $6 billion, is a lose-lose proposal for everyone in the United States, men and women.


How Rich Will I Be? Answer the Questions to Find Out

Answer the questions in this fun online quiz to find out how much money you will make in your lifetime!

Best Viral Marketing Campaign Ever? Carmen Bares All

You will have to watch the video in full to get more information about one of what I would call the best viral marketing campaign I have seen in a long time.

How Much Can I Save If I Unplug Something?

All you need to do is plug any of your appliances or household devices into the Kill-A-Watt and this innovative little device will provide you with more data than is necessary at an accuracy rate of 2%.

First Time Domainers Get Free Hotel Room at TRAFIC Conference

If you are a domainer that has never been to a T.R.A.F.F.I.C. show because of the expense, Howard and I will pay your hotel room in Orlando to prove what a value TRAFFIC is.

Is Morocco Hog Heaven?

Although the country is predominantly Muslim, and therefore not exactly the first place I would recommend going for a bacon cheeseburger, Moroccan farmers say that a pigpen in the desert is like like a baseball diamond in Iowa - if you build it, they will come.

StumbleUpon Graveyard

A few things will kill a stumble, sending no traffic and sending the page to a quiet death. I present for your horror the StumbleUpon Graveyard and how posts are dragged down to its bowels, I will even provide tips to avoid such a fate..

More Fun at the AffiliateSummit- Bid on Lunch with Your Favorite Super-Affiliate

This just in from the fun loving AffiliateSummit leaders. It’s kind of a: “Bid on the chance to take your favorite super affiliate to lunch” and make it go for charity. What a great idea. I know most of these guys, and lunch with any of them will be fun and educational.

Are you ready? American Idol is back

Tonight is a big night in television. People will be moved, decisions will be made, and lives might possibly be changed. Yes, tonight is the night that quot;American Idol quot; s 7th season begins. Oh, did you think I was talking about the Democratic debate? Pfft, forget that. They ve already had about 20 of those anyway.

Lucky Couple Finds Rare Purple Pearl in Dinner

A couple of years ago, I reported on a story about a man who bought a purple pearl brooch at a sale thinking it was costume jewelry and found himself with a piece worth around $250,000. A Florida man recently found another rare purple pearl this week and all he had to do was order a steamed clams. George Brock and his wife, Leslie found the pearl while eating at Dave s Last Resort amp; Raw Bar. Their pearl isn t quite as big the one in the brooch but it could be worth thousands. The couple will have it appraised and then decide if they will sell it.



If you are charged with a criminal offense in state court in Texas, there will be several considerations before you can select an attorney who is truly committed to giving you the best representation possible.

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