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For Disabled Vets Returning Home on the 4th, Has G

CNN launched a new showed I think my audiences would like, especially for the 4th of July as we remind ourselves of those brave men and women that put their blood and treasure on the line for our independence.


YouTube Has a New Design

I love YouTube. I love posting videos to YouTube, reading the comments to videos and watching videos of all types: from music videos to Korean e-sports. YouTube just redesigned their website. Did they nail it or put a nail in their coffin?

Most Popular Baby Names of 2011 Domain Names Available

BabyCenter has revealed the most popular baby names of 2011. I am not surprised by the names–and even had a relative with a new baby this year name her baby Chloe, which made the list this year. Here is the list of the most popular baby names of 2011:

Microsoft Acquires 47 SynsupLabs Domain Names

In an interesting acquisition today by Microsoft, the company acquired 47 domain names and has pointed them to the search engine. I usually watch the list of Microsoft domain names and have not seen such a large acquisition of new domain names in a long time. Perhaps this is the indication of a new product, a new service, or upcoming proje

Google Anymote Coming Soon?

Is the next Google product going to be called Google Anymote? It appears that Google is working on a new product or service called Google Anymote, which I could see being related to or perhaps even the next generation of Google Android.


Facebook Chat Client Launches Today

As a self confessed laptop or computer nerd, what particularly impresses me about this Facebook client is both its reliability when related to Facebook chat along with the ease with which you ll be able to customize the shopper. As an example, the Facebook chat client’s intuitive interface makes customizing shortcuts a breeze; I like that I can hot

How I Replaced My HVAC Free Using Tax Credits and Rebates

In this case, we did have to use our credit card and pay for our system to be installed. But, we are applying enough tax credit and getting the rebates from the government that actually will end up covering the total cost of the new system. So, while we do have to pay for some of it, we will end up getting the whole system (virtually) for free.


Bo-Tax Proposed on Hair Transplants Is Hair-Raising

I am shocked that the proposed US Senate healthcare bill includes a new 5% tax on cosmetic surgery, including hair transplants. This measure, which will cost cosmetic surgery patients $6 billion, is a lose-lose proposal for everyone in the United States, men and women.


Fred Couples Golf Course Coming to Dallas Fort Worth Texas

There is a new Fred Couples golf course coming to North Texas. It was designed and developed by Bluegreen Golf and is located within The Bridges at Preston Crossings, a 1,587 acre master-planned golf community also developed by Bluegreen Golf. There s a new Fred Couples golf course opening soon in North Texas. I definitely have to go play on this c

Try something new for dinner tonight

The restaurant in question is called A La Plancha and located in Garland, TX. The cuisine is Central American and i have to say it was some of the best food I have had in a long time.

Usability Expert Says Microsoft Fluent User Interface Is Not so Fluent

Trying to use the new Fluent User Interface (aka the ribbon) illicit feelings of confusion, frustration, and depending how quickly I need to get something done and am unable to find where it is hiding, anger.

Real Estate Career Changes - WTF?

Is interactive marketing the new easy way to make money? Should we be expecting a ton of speculators coming in now that the housing market is in such decline? I mean, these people have to do something. I m seeing increased interest in domaining and other things, and now these former realtors think they can hang out a shingle and do SEO? I m very scared.


How to Pick a Deer Stand in Large Hardwood Trees

One big question every rookie deer hunter has is where do I set up my stand? The question really needs to be how do I decide where to set up my stand. Even experienced hunters ask themselves that question sometimes when in new territory.

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