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Bad Site Design Won t Get Your Site Penalized by Google

The difference between a Google Penalty and having your search engine rankings go down. Seems as though there are a lot of people out there that don t know the difference, and in this blog post I clear this up.

Before You Buy a Domain: How to Do Your SEO Due Diligence

Before I get into the specifics of how to do SEO due diligence on a domain name, let’s look at recent real-world example of a great domain name–but how the domain’s past eventually hurt a business.

5 Common Driving Distractions that Could Cause an Accident

We all lead busy lives and when we get in the car, things don’t just automatically turn off. Our busy lives keep on rolling as we move down the road so it’s common for many people to continue to multitask behind the wheel. The problem with this is that when you’re driving, you are operating a large vehicle that has the capacity to seriously i


The Frager Factor: Seller Schilling, Meet Buyer Whiteley: Ta

“I hadn’t dealt with Frank before and didn’t know who I was dealing with. The prices were high – but they are good domain names and I should get good returns by using them. I think the fascinating thing at the moment is that there still isn’t really a fixed way of valuing a domain yet.”


Search Engine Optimization: Why a Blog is Important

When talking to business owners about marketing their businesses on the internet, I often get asked about why I always recommend that their online marketing strategy, their search engine optimization efforts, include a blog.

What your spam says about you

It s good to have routines, at least that s what Oprah says, and I m not complaining about my mornings. The alarm goes off. You get up. You make the coffee, pack a lunch for a certain someone you share the bed with, fix a little something for breakfast.


Twitter Caught Spamming Google

I noticed recently that has recently made a change to their site that is causing them to spam Google and the other search engines by allowing duplicate content to get indexed by the search engine spiders.

Cougar fever is becoming an epidemic

Damn, the cougars in Hollywood are going after the young pups like crazy. I ain t mad at cha. Young fellas, get some of that money and aging cougars, enjoy all the fresh, young meat that you can. Old guys, too bad, so sad.

Best Viral Marketing Campaign Ever? Carmen Bares All

You will have to watch the video in full to get more information about one of what I would call the best viral marketing campaign I have seen in a long time.

First Time Domainers Get Free Hotel Room at TRAFIC Conference

If you are a domainer that has never been to a T.R.A.F.F.I.C. show because of the expense, Howard and I will pay your hotel room in Orlando to prove what a value TRAFFIC is.

How I chose a blogging platform

When the blogging craze started, I never thought it would find me. Blogging really didn’t quite catch on to me until I saw how it can be like a game—and a practical one at that. After that, it didn’t take me long to check out different platforms, just to get the feel of them.

Technology And Internet, A Hot Trend In Shaping Globalization

In order to get an overall sense of what globalization is we must examine the trends that are shaping globalization today. Among the most prominent trends that I believe shape globalization is Technology and Internet, Shifting of Economic Powers, the Growth of World Population, and Outsourcing.

Usability Expert Says Microsoft Fluent User Interface Is Not so Fluent

Trying to use the new Fluent User Interface (aka the ribbon) illicit feelings of confusion, frustration, and depending how quickly I need to get something done and am unable to find where it is hiding, anger.

Voxant Newsroom Blog: Music Tuesday: Bebel Gilberto

As I ve said before, I m a huge fan of Brazilian music. Whether it s samba, bossa nova, forró or funk. I love the energy of their music, and infectious nature of Brazilian songs which enables you to get swept away.

CNN Fails to get Live; Oilman Leaves Range, and Other News

There is a lot going on this week and it is only Monday, January 21st 2007. I thought I would catch you up on some of the interesting, totally unrelated things, not in any order of importance. I considered covering each of these items today, but

How To Create Your Property Into A Whitetail Deer Paradise

Up until 1995 we, me, family, and friends shot every buck that gave us a opportunity and did not shoot does. All that change in 1995 when I shot a buck that scored in the 120’s. After that day I stared doing research on how to get bigger deer.

Top 5 Websites and Tools I Use Daily

Personally, I have identified five website programs or websites that I use on a regular basis to get things done. Here are the top 5 things that I like to use on a regular basis to get things done:


Should We Care WHY? (US)

Something that seems irritating to me is that some people refuse to accept historical events and get on with their lives. What am I talking about? Well…take the war in Iraq, for example.

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