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How Amazon CEO got domain for free

Jeff Bezos owns And he has Bob Olea to thank for that. Olea is one of those domainers who buys and sells internet domain names. Olea recently bought the domain name at an aftermarket domain auction. But he has decided to give it to the CEO.

Do You Really Believe Internet Marketing Gurus?

Imagine that you just lost your job and decided to start your own business. You have heard that you can make money online, at home, in your PJs. So, you go start searching for Work at Home opportunities or how to make money online.


Do A-Listers Really Still Promote Text-Link-Ads?

This week I decided that I wanted to spend some time catching up with some of the ‘make money online’ and ‘internet marketing‘ blogs that I’ve been neglecting for a while. I got caught up on some of the posts I’ve missed, and I’m always amazed when I do this at how much real talent there is out there.