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December 2009

Using the New Google Adwords Keyword Tool API

Upon the new release of the Google Adwords interface, you can see that it comes complete with Opportunities, including suggestions on keywords that could be added to your campaigns. Here is what you need to know about the new Google Adwords Keyword Tool API.

November 2009

Get your Google Adwords Quality Score Before Activating

Here is how Google assigns a Quality Score even before keyword activation.

October 2009

How to Create a Google AdWords PPC Geographic Report

Great tutorial on how to use Microsoft Excel to group the daily data into a report you can really use to help optimize the geographical areas you are targeting.

April 2009

Vizion Interactive Now a Google AdWords Qualified Company

Vizion Interactive has recently become a Google AdWords Qualified Company.

May 2008

AdWords Display and Landing Page Guidlines Change

Last month, Google AdWords made a policy change for display URLs for all AdWords advertising. Google claims this came about in response to advertiser and user feedback. The policy is design to provide more relevant advertising results and a better user experience, according to Google.

April 2008

Advertisers Granted Exception to Google Adwords Display URL Policy

Unbeknownst to many people, the Google AdWords team has granted exceptions to the policy.

Google AdWords Display URL Policy Reaches Local PPC Advertisers

Beginning April 1, 2008, Google has officially changed their display URL policy. In short, what that means is that the URL that shows in your ad absolutely must be the URL that visitors get to when they click on your ad.

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