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Godaddy Caught Registering Domains Names After Availability

Godaddy, the domain name registrar, has apparently been caught registering domain names after someone has looked up the availability of a domain name. This guy claims that he looked up a domain name to see if that domain name was available. The domain name was available, but apparently he did not register the domain name that day. He came back a fe


Popular Domains Suspended Due to Invalid Whois

When Nikki Craft woke up one morning recently and checked her websites, they were not working. In fact, all 20 of her high-traffic websites were down. These high profile domain names were suspended due to invalid whois data.

Why You Should Buy a Keyword Rich Domain Name

The expired domain name auctions are a best kept secret in the search engine optimization industry because many do not take advantage of these expired domain name auctions. Here is why you should buy a keyword rich domain name.

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