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SEO Firm Offers Natural Link Building Services

There are so many companies out there that claim to offer natural link building services, which is an interesting type of service. Think about it for a minute. If your company offered something called “natural” link building services, then the links that you get to your website uh, well, would NOT be natural?

Bad Site Design Won t Get Your Site Penalized by Google

The difference between a Google Penalty and having your search engine rankings go down. Seems as though there are a lot of people out there that don t know the difference, and in this blog post I clear this up.

Before You Buy a Domain: How to Do Your SEO Due Diligence

Before I get into the specifics of how to do SEO due diligence on a domain name, let’s look at recent real-world example of a great domain name–but how the domain’s past eventually hurt a business.

How the 2nd Annual Domain Boardroom Funfest Wound Up Getting

DomainBoardroom s 2nd annual DBR Funfest wrapped up a four-day run in Dana Point, California Monday (May 6) that had guests raving about another great get together with fellow members from the popular private forum.

5 Common Driving Distractions that Could Cause an Accident

We all lead busy lives and when we get in the car, things don’t just automatically turn off. Our busy lives keep on rolling as we move down the road so it’s common for many people to continue to multitask behind the wheel. The problem with this is that when you’re driving, you are operating a large vehicle that has the capacity to seriously i


FedEx (NYSE: FDX) and Verizon (NYSE: VZ) Get An quot;F quot

FedEx is running a new campaign with big displays in their formerly Kinko s shops with the tagline quot;EarthSmart quot; as the program name.

Which Warhol? Pick a Real Andy Warhol from a Fake

Stay the night and get involved in one of the most intriguing questions that s dominated art through the ages: can you pick the real thing from a fake?

How to Find Buyers for Your Domain Name

For those who like to do affiliate marketing, buying domains is a familiar subject. You never know what set of keywords will be the next big thing, so you buy several domains with several different combinations of keywords. Many affiliate marketers buy tons, and tons of these types of domains, and work to get those domains ranked in the search engi

Eddie Van Halen: Your Dog Needs |

Don’t get mad at your “dirty water dog,” after all, the poor guy had a “fire in the hole.” You understand how it is and you “don’t wanna be no uptown fool.” So why not give a dog walker at a try.

The Frager Factor: Seller Schilling, Meet Buyer Whiteley: Ta

“I hadn’t dealt with Frank before and didn’t know who I was dealing with. The prices were high – but they are good domain names and I should get good returns by using them. I think the fascinating thing at the moment is that there still isn’t really a fixed way of valuing a domain yet.”


Why You Should Get an Internet Marketing Education

Learn compelling reasons why now is the time to pursue an Internet Marketing certificate or degree. Here is a great infographic that shows why you should get an internet marketing education.

How to Have Electricity-Free Family Fun with a Swing Set

It is a great time to unplug and have some good old fashioned fun with your family. What better way to break the electronics habit and get back to having old-fashioned fun than by making a one-time purchase of a long-lasting, quality redwood swing set. It saves money, brings families together, and doesn’t use a single spark of electricity. Here is

Search Engine Optimization Firms Sending Email Spam

It is unfortunate that search engine optimization firms like Rankpay have to resort to sending unsolicited commercial email (aka spam) to try to drum up business. realize that if you send out 1 million emails telling unsuspecting businesses that they can rank better in the search engines you will most likely get some responses from unsuspect


Search Engine Optimization Tip: Add a Breadcrumb Trail

A breadcrumb trail, put simply, is a set of links on your page that lets users get back to where they came from or go to pages that are higher in the architecture of your site. For more information about what exactly breadcrumb trail navigation is, take a look here or here. Let us look at an example.

Search Engine Optimization in 2010: What You Need to Know

If you want to use search engine optimization best practices or want to get updated on the latest search engine optimization techniques, then there are a lot of good SEO resources to keep you up to date. Here is what you really need to know.

Search Engine Optimization and Network Marketing: How to Get More Leads

So, what can you do if you are a network marketer and want to bring in more network marketing leads? What if you have already spent money on a multi level marketing œprogram and want to get more people in your network?

Search Engine Optimization: Why a Blog is Important

When talking to business owners about marketing their businesses on the internet, I often get asked about why I always recommend that their online marketing strategy, their search engine optimization efforts, include a blog.

What your spam says about you

It s good to have routines, at least that s what Oprah says, and I m not complaining about my mornings. The alarm goes off. You get up. You make the coffee, pack a lunch for a certain someone you share the bed with, fix a little something for breakfast.

How to Start a Mortgage Net Branch Company

A mortgage branch company is not an easy business to manage or operate. To some, it sounds like a quick way to get rich. Hire a lot of loan officers, make a couple hundred dollars off each loan, and retire in a couple years. If only it was so easy.

Celebrity Engagement Rings That Might Give You Ideas

So maybe you have been wondering how to narrow down the tremendous amount of engagement rings available. You are getting ready to take her out to a five-star restaurant, get down on one knee and ask her to marry you, but you cannot decide on which ring to pick out.

Is Hair Transplant Surgery Only for Celebrities?

Is Hair Transplant Surgery Only for Celebrities? Perhaps you have heard of celebrities who may have had hair transplant surgery. Do only wealthy, famous actors, who depend on their looks to make their living, get hair transplant surgeries?

Resolve to Get a Life: Week 5

Seize every day to get out and have more fun with Amanda,’s Rehabilitated Recluse.

Where to Get Ideas for Website Content

So, if you are unlike me and do not think you have the ability to just sit down and write blog post after blog post and article after article all day long, then you are probably going to need some inspiration. Some reason for sitting down and writing, some reason for sitting down and writing a blog post (you do have a blog on your website, right?

Up to 100% Off High-Efficiency HVAC Equipment

You read right. During this Great Winter Sales Event, Service Experts now makes it possible to get brand new energy saving furnaces or air handlers for 50%, 60%, 70% off and hellip even 100% free depending on the location of your home. How? By combining a series of concurrently available, very lucrative national and local rebates, credits.


Sometimes You Have to Call the Furnace Repair Service

Calling a furnace repair service does not have to be a scary proposition. You do not have to get distraught when your furnace needs to be repaired, particularly as the thermometer drops... and there are young children or elderly living in the home. There s no heat and it s well below freezing. But, it s simply not necessary to worry.

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