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The Art of Writing Effective Title Tags

One of the most basic SEO practices that can go a very long way in helping your site gain in Search Engine Rankings and add validity is the Title Tags. Here is how to write an effective title tag.


What Does the Swine Flu Have to Do with SEO?

Interesting blog post about what the swine flu has to do with search engine optimization and search engines, and the way we search

Posting Anonymously to Twitter Using Aafter

Aafter, a search engine that bills itself as a high privacy search engine and one that actually pays you to search, has added many new features, including a new way to post to Twitter anonymously.


What Does Social Media Have to do with Search? Plenty

Back in the “dark ages” there was search engine optimization. Now we have social media, which is a very important part of search.


ShipGooder Shipping Search Engine Proves that Milliseconds Matter

When it comes to web search applications, milliseconds matter. The faster you get your search result the happier you are. ShipGooder is introducing new courier search technology that is revolutionizing the way that packages are shipped.