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June 2008

How to Save Electricity in Your Business

The use of electricity accounts to about 40 percent of the total cost of business. Making use of efficient technologies at work will help increase profitability by lowering costs.

April 2008

Changing Your Electric Meter to Save Electricity

Is your electricity meter as old as the hills? If you are like the majority of people, your electricity meter is most likely is over half a century old.

Savings Tips for Homeowners

It is never too good to have rooms that are full of drafts that make your home too cold.

How to Efficiently Cut Your Energy Use

Cold drafts are often thought to be the thought to be the number reason why so many electricity bills are so high.

How Much Can I Save If I Unplug Something?

All you need to do is plug any of your appliances or household devices into the Kill-A-Watt and this innovative little device will provide you with more data than is necessary at an accuracy rate of 2%.

Generating Your Own Electricity

Micro-Wind Turbines are the most recent way that the green community has found to address this issue. The installation of Micro-Wind Turbines is really becoming a big deal amongst environmentalist.

March 2008

Seven Things You Should Know About Air Conditioning

With spring here, summer is not that far off. It is time to start thinking about air conditioning. Here are seven things you should know about air conditioning.

Understanding the Mechanics of Electric Bills

No need to go into a complete tailspin just because you think your electric bill is high. Take a step back and try and figure out why.

February 2008

Think Before Using Electricity

People spend months planning a vacation, weeks planning holiday decorations and hours planning an outfit to wear. Why should not we put as much thought and planning in our energy usage as we do other daily activities?

Save Electricity by Cleaning and Maintaining

It is very important to keep appliances and electronics in the best working order possible. This is where maintenance instructions come into play.

Ask for Help and Save Electricity

It seems everyone understands how limited natural resources could get and how our wastefulness can put future generations at risk. This is great news for the cost-conscious energy consumer because this means that resources are available.

Re-Model and Save Money on your Electric Bill

During this re-modeling, no matter how small it could be, take the chance to evaluate ways to reduce energy usage and make some changes to help make your house more efficient in the future.

Low-Emissive Windows Help Save Electricity

If you plan to replace windows in the near future, or add new ones to a future home addition, then use Energy Star qualified, Low Emissive (Low-E) windows. They could reduce your energy bill as much as 15 percent.

Check your Lights and Save Electricity

Unless you’re Amish, you need to turn lights on for work and family time at least once per day. However, accidentally leaving lights on or using the wrong wattage can significantly increase your energy usage, which then significantly increases your energy costs.

Wall Warts and Energy Vampires Save on Electricity

“Wall Warts” are all of those external power supplies (EPS) at the end of power cords that you get with cell phone chargers, telephones, MP3 players and so on. These things are also often called Energy Vampires because they literally keep sucking power the entire time they are plugged in, albeit at a somewhat reduced rate.

Save Electricity by Buying Stuff!

It’s funny to think that you can save on your electric bills by actually going out and spending money. However, when considering the return on investment over a period of time, sometimes spending money now can provide higher returns in the future.

Installling Tubular Skylights to Save on Your Electric Bill

A wonderful way to improve your home is to introduce more natural light. Natural daylight increases happiness and helps improve mental performance.

Planting Trees to Help Save on Electricity

You can use nature to help improve the performance of your home. Your home’s cooling needs are largely affected by the heat that enters your home.

Using a Solar Attic Fan to Save Electricity

If you already have powered ventilation then replacing it with a solar attic fan can save you money on your electricity while continuing to cool your attic.

Using Energy Star Appliances to Reduce your Electricity Bill

Energy Star is a government program managed by the Department of Energy (see EnergyStar.Gov) that certifies appliances and even homes to a higher standard.

Run Your Ceiling Fans and Save on Electricity

Ceiling fans are more than simply decorative. They can help control your home heating and cooling costs. Using a multi-speed reversible ceiling fan could save from 25-40% on cooling and up to 10% on heating costs.

Save Hot Water and Save on your Electric Bill

If you live in one of the areas that is experiencing drought conditions now, then you’re probably already taking measures to save water. But had you considered that by using less hot water you’re also saving energy and money to heat the water?

Texas Electricity on Squidoo

Most of the companies I researched wanted me to sign a long term contract that would cost me a penalty and could have forced me to pay higher electricity rates if the prices came down.

January 2008

4 Tips to Save on Electricity

It seems that every winter the cost of electricity goes up, this is true whether you live in the northern colder areas or the southern warmer areas. No matter where you live winter electricity rates kick in and you face higher than normal electric bills.

November 2007

Electricity Company | Texas Electricity | 10 Ways To Save Money On Your Electricity Bill

Saving your hard earned cash on your next electricity bill just got easier than you ever imagined. In this article, I have compiled the a list of the top 10 tips to help navigate you on your campaign to save money and knock your electricity bill down. Along with each tip you will see the possible energy savings you can potentially expect to receive.